Which Country Owns the Most Dogs?

Which Country Owns the Most Dogs? Find Out Which Country Loves Their Pets the Most

There are millions of dogs living in homes around the world, but not all countries have equal distribution of them. So which country has the most? Dogs have been companions to humans for centuries and prove time and time again just how amazing they can be.

To find out who has won the race in terms of having the most four-legged fur babies, let’s take an intimate look at which country owns the most dogs!

From population size to governmental policies on pet ownership, there are many different factors that influence how many dogs each nation has. We’ll investigate which country holds the title of ‘Most Dogs Owned’ and why these results may be so surprising.

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which country owns the most dogs
which country owns the most dogs

Which Country Owns the Most Dogs?

According to the World Canine Organization, the United States is home to the most dogs in the world. The estimated population of pet dogs in the US was 89.7 million as of 2017. This accounted for almost one-third of all pet dogs worldwide! Other countries with large canine populations include Brazil (35 million), China (27 million), and Russia (12.5 million). Mexico, France, Japan, and the United Kingdom also have large populations of pet dogs.

Interestingly, not all these countries have the same attitudes towards pet ownership. For example, Finland has a much lower population of pet dogs – just 1.3 million as of 2017 – and it is against the law to own a dog without permission from the government. This is because Finland places a much higher emphasis on responsible pet ownership and enforces strict regulations for owning a dog.

In other countries, however, dogs are viewed more as family members than pets. In Japan, for example, puppies are often given special names that reflect their families’ histories and values. In Brazil, many people view their dogs as part of their extended families, taking them to the beach or on long hikes in the countryside.

What Country Has the Most Dog Breeds?

The United States of America is home to the most recognized dog breeds in the world. There are currently over 340 breeds that are officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, with estimates ranging up to nearly 400.

Outside of the US, many other countries have their own native breeds as well as some popular international varieties. China, for example, has at least 67 native breeds, while the United Kingdom is home to 56. Other countries like Russia, Japan and India also have a sizable number of recognized dog breeds as well.

Overall, there is no clear-cut answer to which country has the most breeds of dogs in the world. However, with its vast array of domestic and international breeds, the US certainly leads the way. For those looking for a wide variety of pooches to choose from, it’s safe to say that America is one of the best places to find them!

Who Owns the Most Dogs in the World?

The Guinness World Records recognizes an individual as owning the most dogs in the world. As of 2015, this title is held by a man from Ferndale, Wash., USA—named Kokology Kennel—who owns 845 purebred Chihuahuas! Kokology Kennel has been raising and breeding Chihuahuas since 1994. He has built a large and successful kennel that adheres to the highest standards of breeding and care.

Kokology Kennel is proud of its commitment to quality, health, and temperament in their dogs—which is why they have been able to surpass the Guinness World Records for most registered dogs owned by one person. Many of the dogs have achieved show and obedience titles, demonstrating the dedication that Kokology Kennel has to its animals.

In addition to taking excellent care of their 845 dogs, Kokology Kennel also does a great deal of community service and outreach. They are very involved in animal rescue operations, offering assistance and support wherever possible. They also host events that educate people about responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering.

What is the Average Number of Dogs Per Household in Each Country?

The average number of dogs per household varies significantly across countries and regions. In the United States, for instance, the average number of pet dogs is two. Other industrialized nations such as Japan, Australia and Canada also tend to have low dog ownership rates, with an average of only one or two per household. 

In contrast, many developing and rural countries have a much higher rate of dog ownership. In India, for instance, an estimated 35 million dogs are kept as pets, with an average of three to four in each household. Similarly, Brazil boasts an estimated 37 million pet dogs, with roughly three per household on average. 

In Central Asia, pet ownership is not as common, but certain countries such as Azerbaijan have surprisingly high rates of dog ownership. There are an estimated 1 million pet dogs in the country, with an average of two to three per household.

Overall, the average number of pet dogs per household appears to be highest in developing countries and rural areas, followed by industrialized nations. It is important to note, however, that the exact numbers vary significantly between countries and regions. 

How Do Attitudes Towards Dogs Vary by Country?

Attitudes towards dogs vary greatly by country. In some parts of the world, dogs are seen as beloved pets and family members, while in others they may be considered nothing more than pests or wild animals. In the United States, for example, most people view their canine companions as part of the family, treating them with love and respect. In other parts of the world, such as China and India, views towards dogs can be more ambivalent. They are often seen as useful for guarding property and livestock, but rarely welcomed into the home.

In France, attitudes towards dogs may be considered somewhat contradictory. On the one hand, they are widely accepted as pets; on the other, they are often subject to strict regulations and even banned from certain places. In Italy, dogs are highly valued; it is common for families to treat their dog as a family member and give them the same respect as any other human.

The Middle East has generally been hostile towards dogs, with many countries having laws banning them from public spaces. However, attitudes towards dogs have been gradually changing in recent years as more people see them as pets rather than wild animals.

In Japan, attitudes towards dogs are mixed. They are highly valued as symbols of loyalty and companionship, but they may also face strict regulations such as leash laws or restrictions on where they can be taken. In the Philippines, dogs are generally seen as pets and treated with love and respect.

No matter where you are in the world, attitudes towards dogs vary greatly from country to country. It is important to remember that all dogs deserve love and respect regardless of their home country or culture. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your canine companion is treated with the kindness and care they deserve. Respect your dog, no matter where you are in the world!


Where do most dogs come from?

Most dogs come from breeders, who specialize in producing specific breeds of dog. Breeders often use careful genetic selection to produce puppies with desirable traits such as temperament, size, and color.

Some people also prefer to adopt a puppy from a rescue organization or shelter, which specializes in finding homes for abandoned or surrendered animals. These organizations are often able to provide puppies of various breeds, as well as mixed breeds.

Regardless of where you get your puppy from, it is important to research the breed and find a good breeder who will provide proper care and socialization for the puppy.

How many dogs are in the world?

The exact number of dogs in the world is difficult to determine. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that there are about 89 million pet dogs in the United States alone. Globally, it’s estimated that there may be as many as 900 million dogs alive today. These figures include both purebred and mixed breed canines.

Though impossible to determine precisely, these estimates provide an idea of the sheer number of dogs in existence. From Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards and every breed in between, our furry friends have captured hearts across the world for centuries. Though their numbers may seem vast, each one has its own unique personality and expression that make them so special.

What are the most popular dog breeds in each country?

In the United States, Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed, followed by German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. In the United Kingdom, Labradors come in first as well, with Cocker Spaniels and Bulldogs making up the rest of the top three.

In Germany, Dachshunds reign as the most popular breed, with German Shepherds and Boxers coming in second and third. In Italy, it’s the Cane Corso that comes out on top, followed by Labrador Retrievers and Spinoni Italiani.

In Australia, Labradors again come first, while Border Collies and German Shepherds make up the rest of the top three. French Bulldogs are popular in Canada, with Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers ranking second and third respectively.

Finally, in China, Tibetan Mastiffs take first place, followed by Chihuahuas and Labradors. This data is just a snapshot of dog breeds around the world, but it gives an interesting glimpse into which breeds are most popular in different countries.


In conclusion, the United States is the country that owns the most dogs, with an estimated 77.8 million pet dogs owned in 2019. This number is significantly more than any other country in the world and continues to grow each year. The next highest nations are China (27 million) and Russia (12.5 million). With a huge population of dog owners, the United States is clearly the leader in pet dog ownership.

Whether you’re looking for a new furry family member or just curious about the global pet market, it is clear that America has firmly established its dominance when it comes to owning dogs.

We hope this post has given you an idea of which country owns the most dogs and spurred your interest in the pet market around the world. Thanks for reading!


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