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Cats are amazing family pets that bring happiness and friendship to millions of individuals all over the world. Nonetheless, if you’re a feline proprietor, you know that maintaining your house clean when you have a pet cat can be a difficulty. One of one of the most essential consider keeping a tidy home is selecting the best litter box for your fuzzy good friend. In this article, we’ll check out different types of can, the benefits of each type, and exactly how to pick the very best litter box for your cat.

Healthiest Cat Litter – Total Evaluation And Also Purchasing Guide

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  • PELLET CAT LITTER: Our next-generation, clumping cat litter mini-pellets are exceptionally absorbent to clump solid and stop odors, and are less likely to stick to your cats' fur or track through the house
  • EXCEPTIONAL ODOR CONTROL: Wood fiber naturally prevents enzymes from bonding with liquid & waste to stop the creation of ammonia & odor
  • CLUMPING LITTER: Pellet litter absorbs liquid on contact, forming solid, easy-to-scoop clumps that make cleaning the litter box quick and easy
  • 99% DUST FREE FOR A HEALTHIER HOME: Our low-dust cat litter is made from clean wood fiber that has been screened and de-dusted for a cleaner pour and a healthier home and no dirty clay dust
  • PLANT-BASED LITTER: Our sustainable cat litter is free of artificial fragrance, synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes, and GMOs; unlike clay, our biodegradable, compostable cat litter degrades quickly and cleanly

Four Paws Earth’s FINEST® Cat Litter, Premium Clumping, Lightweight, Absorbent Formula 7.2 Pounds

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  • ULTRA-TIGHT CLUMPS FOR LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE - Our easy scooping cat litter clumps on contact and uses less litter per clump. The clumps don't crumble or break, giving you more litter that lasts longer
  • MADE OF 100% NATURAL YUCA AND CANE - When combined, these two farm-grown ingredients create a natural litter with impressive power
  • 3X PROVEN OUTSTANDING ODOR DEFENSE - Naturally powerful ingredients capture urine, feces, and ammonia odors. Whether you have one or more cats, our unscented multi-cat performance formula has you covered
  • DUST FREE AND LIGHTWEIGHT CAT LITTER - Our dust free cat litter is 60% lighter than clay litter and 50% lighter than corn litter, making litter box maintenance cleaner and easier
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT - Our incredibly absorbent cat litter soaks up 5 times more liquid than clay litter and 2.5 times more liquid than corn litter
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Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy & Healthy (Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin)

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Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter - Ultra - 99.9% Dust-Free, Low Tracking, Hard Clumping, Superior Odor Control, Unscented & Natural Ingredients

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY: A combination of premium texture and granule size made with 100% bentonite clay for maximum clumping creates litter particles that are just the right size.
  • LOW DUST: Ideal for cats and owners who suffer from allergies with a 99.9% dust-free and hypoallergenic litter formulation.
  • HARD CLUMPING: Hard clumping medium grain clay helps prevent moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray and forms hard clumps that won't break down, making it easier to scoop.
  • SUPERIOR ODOR CONTROL: Formulated for single or multi-cat households with natural ingredients to keep your home smelling clean and fresh between litter box cleanings.
  • LOW TRACKING: A unique formulation of medium grain clay helps keep litter in the box where it belongs.

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter - Walnut-Based Quick-Clumping Kitty Litter, Unscented , 26 lb (23001)

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Catalyst Natural Soft Wood Cat Litter (2 Pack, 10lb Bags) - Superior Odor Control, Strong Clumping, Low Dust, and Biodegradable (10lb, Set of 2, Healthy Cat)

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  • LASTS AT LEAST 2 MONTHS: Each 10lb bag of Catalyst lasts for a full month per cat, making Catalyst the best choice for cat owners looking to save money without sacrificing performance. And for even more value, our 10lb multi-pack will last up to two months for one cat. At just six cents per use, Catalyst is the same cost or less per use than the average clumping clay litter, making it the clear choice for eco-conscious and budget-savvy cat lovers alike.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE ODOR CONTROL - Catalyst's unique formula delivers superior odor control without added fragrances, making it a more natural and gentle choice for your feline friend.
  • SUPERIOR CLUMPING POWER & LOW DUST - Catalyst's innovative upcycled soft wood fiber technology creates tight clumps that make scooping and disposal a breeze, locking in odors and keeping your litter box fresh and clean.. Plus, it's virtually dust-free, making it a healthier choice for your whole household.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND CAT-APPROVED - Catalyst's unique formula is not only superior in performance, but it's also lightweight, making it easier to handle and pour. Its natural scent and comfortable texture is cat-approved, making it easy to make the switch to Catalyst.
  • COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY - Catalyst is made from clean, unused wood fibers sourced from over 1.5 million tons of wood waste annually, making it a planet-friendly choice. One pound of Catalyst does the work of four pounds of clumping clay litter (on a lb per lb basis) reducing pollution and carbon emissions from production and transportation.Plus, Catalyst is biodegradable and compostable, giving you peace of mind for your furry friend's well-being.
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BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Clumping Clay Cat Litter -Scent Free- 16 lb- Cat Activated Probiotics- Longer Lasting Odor Control, Stays Ultra Clean, 99.9% Dust Free

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as of November 3, 2023 8:15 pm


  • DEEP CLEANS YOUR LITTER: BoxiePro’s boosted blend of natural probiotics target waste, deep cleaning your litter on a microscopic level 24/7
  • REDUCES SPREAD OF WASTE IN HOME: Deep cleaning reduces spread unseen waste to kitchen counters, beds, and other areas of the home
  • CLASSIC BENEFITS: All the benefits of Boxiecat’s extra strength litter formula - rock hard Flat Top clumps, zero odors, 99.9% dust free, low tracking granules, 2x longer lasting because it stays clean and dry
  • SCENT-FREE: This formula is free of added fragrances
  • AWARD WINNING: Winner of the 2018 Pet Business industry recognition award

1. Covered Litter Boxes:

Covered can are a preferred choice since they offer privacy for your feline and stop litter from being kicked out of the box. However, it is very important to bear in mind that covered litter boxes can end up being hot and also stuffy, and also they’re more difficult to clean up. If you select a covered litter box, make certain it has sufficient air flow and take into consideration acquiring one with a detachable cover.

2. Open Up Top Trash Boxes:

Open up top can are terrific for pet cats who really feel a lot more comfortable in a non-enclosed atmosphere. They’re likewise easy to tidy and also permit you to monitor your feline’s shower room routines. Nevertheless, clutter can be easily kicked out of the box and also it might not supply enough privacy for your cat.

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3. Automatic Trash Boxes:

Automatic can are a practical choice for owners that don’t wish to scoop clutter themselves. They use sensing units to spot when your pet cat has made use of the can and then instantly scoop and also take care of waste. Nonetheless, they’re usually more expensive than traditional can as well as may require some upkeep.

4. Cat Trash Floor Coverings:

Feline trash mats are put underneath your pet cat’s can as well as aid avoid clutter from being tracked throughout your home. They’re economical, simple to clean, as well as be available in a variety of dimensions as well as products.

5. Picking the Right Trash:

When choosing the appropriate trash for your feline, consider their age, wellness, and choices. Some pet cats like unscented trash, while others might be drawn in to aromatic trash. If your feline has a respiratory system problem, it’s best to avoid scented litter completely. Your vet can additionally give suggestions on the most effective type of trash for your cat’s requirements.


Choosing the ideal can is an fundamental part of maintaining your house clean as well as your cat pleased. Think about the various types of can readily available, the advantages of each type, as well as your feline’s private needs and choices. Remember that the most essential element is not the design of package, but rather exactly how commonly and completely you clean it. With the right litter box and also a little of focus, you can maintain a tidy as well as happy house for both you as well as your feline good friend.

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