How Many Dogs Were On the Titanic?

How Many Dogs Were On the Titanic? Get to the bottom of this barking mystery

Have you ever wondered how many dogs were on the ship Titanic when it set sail in 1912? There are many stories of humans that boarded the famous vessel, but few know about any pets that may have been there.

Though specifics are hard to come by, some evidence suggests that several different breeds of canine companions did make their way onto the deck of this ill-fated cruise liner.

So why don’t we examine what little information there is and try to answer our question – How many dogs are on the Titanic?

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how many dogs are on the titanic
how many dogs are on the titanic

How Many Dogs Were on the Titanic?

The number of dogs on board the Titanic is believed to be 12. There were a variety of breeds present, including Airedale Terriers and Pomeranians. The most famous canine passenger was a small Pekingese called Sun Yat-Sen, whose owner was American businessman William Carter. Sadly, only three of the twelve dogs survived the disaster, including Sun Yat-Sen. The other two known survivors were a Pomeranian belonging to Margaret Hays and an Airedale Terrier belonging to Elizabeth Marsden.

It is thought that the dogs may have been kept in kennels on board the ship, though due to limited records it’s not known for sure. What is certain, however, is that Sun Yat-Sen was beloved by all who knew him and his bravery in the face of tragedy lives on today as a testament to canine courage.

The story of the twelve dogs on board the Titanic serves as a reminder of how valuable companion animals can be to those around them in times of need. From the fearlessness of Sun Yat-Sen to the loyalty and love shared by passenger and pet, this is a tale that will be remembered for years to come.

The legacy of the twelve brave dogs on board the Titanic will never be forgotten. We can only hope that they now rest in peace, having become a part of history forever.

Why Were There Dogs on the Titanic?

The presence of dogs on the Titanic is an interesting, but often overlooked detail. At least three dogs were brought onboard by first-class passengers: a Pomeranian belonging to Margaret Hays, a Pekinese belonging to Lady Cosmo Duff Gordon, and a French Bulldog named Gamin de Pycombe owned by William Dick. The three dogs were taken on board with their owners, in kennels or baskets.

The most famous of the Titanic’s canine passengers was Hays’ Pomeranian, who was said to have been wearing a custom-made life vest when the ship went under. The small dog managed to survive and was rescued by the crew of the RMS Carpathia the following morning.

It is unclear why passengers brought their pets aboard, although there are numerous possible explanations. One theory suggests that at the time, dogs were seen as status symbols and a symbol of prestige for wealthy individuals to bring them on board a luxurious ship like the Titanic.

Another possibility is that some of the passengers may have wanted to bring their pets with them so they would not be left alone during the journey. Whatever the reason, it is clear that having dogs on board was a risk – as none of them survived without assistance – but some owners were willing to take that chance.

How Did the Dogs Survive the Titanic?

It is believed that there were a total of 12 dogs on board the Titanic when it set sail, and only three of them survived the disaster. One was a Pomeranian named Lucy, who belonged to Margaret Hays. The other two survivors were both small lapdogs owned by William Edward Minahan and his daughter Barbara: a Pekingese and a Pomeranian.

The dogs that survived were likely some of the luckiest passengers aboard the ship, as they were able to escape the sinking vessel with their owners or other first-class passengers. The three lucky canines were said to have been spotted running around on deck in the chaos of the disaster, before being rescued by lifeboats.

It is likely that the other dogs on board perished during the sinking, either succumbing to the frigid waters or drowning in their kennels. In one of history’s cruelest ironies, some dogs onboard Titanic were said to be traveling with wealthy owners who had purchased them specifically as “lifeboat dogs” to serve as companions in case of an emergency. Tragically, they were never given the chance to put this plan into action.


What happened to the dogs that didn’t survive?

It is believed that the remaining nine dogs on board the Titanic perished during the sinking of the ship. Some may have been able to escape in lifeboats with their owners, but it is likely that most of them drowned either in their kennels or in the icy Atlantic waters.

How many cats were on the Titanic?

It is believed that there were no cats on board the Titanic when it set sail in 1912. Some reports suggest that a cat or two might have been smuggled aboard, but there is no clear evidence to support this claim.

Despite its lack of cats, the Titanic did carry many dogs and other pets on board. One popular story involves a dog named Frou-Frou, a French Poodle that belonged to the Rivards, one of the first-class families on board.


Despite the incomplete evidence, it is estimated that there were at least 12-14 dogs aboard the Titanic when it set sail in 1912. The exact number of dogs on board remains unknown to this day due to a lack of records and information about the passengers and their pets.

However, these estimates are based on accounts from survivors and crew members who recounted seeing dogs on board, so it is likely that there were at least a few dozen canines on the famous ship. Regardless of the exact number, it is clear that many of these brave pups met a tragic end when the Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Although their stories will never be fully known, we can honor their memory by remembering their courage in the face of such a great disaster.

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