How Many Dog Groomers Are There in the US?

How Many Dog Groomers Are There in the US? Find the perfect dog grooming service near you today.

Have you ever considered becoming a dog groomer, or are you already in the business? Knowing exactly how many dog groomers are in the United States can help give insight into just how crowded (or not) the field is.

Whether it’s research for yourself or to learn more about what types of jobs there can be when it comes to animals, this article will dive deep into answering one important question: How many people are employed as professional dog groomers in the US?

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how many dog groomers are there in the us
how many dog groomers are there in the us

How Many Dog Groomers Are There in the United States?

The exact number of dog groomers in the United States is unknown, but according to the Professional Pet Groomers & Stylists Alliance (PPGSA), there are over 100,000 pet groomers (309,136 people) in the US. This number includes both mobile and salon-based groomers. The PPGSA estimates that this number has grown by over 30% from 2021 to 2022.

In addition, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that there are around 8,000 pet grooming businesses in the US. This includes both independent businesses and those owned by larger pet care companies. The APPA also found that over 57 million households have at least one dog or cat, making pet grooming an important part of the pet care industry.

Pet groomers are in high demand, as more and more people recognize the benefits of regular grooming for their pets. Pet groomers ensure that their clients’ dogs look great and feel good, while also helping to keep them healthy by keeping their coats clean and free of mats and tangles. With the number of pet groomers in the US only increasing, it’s clear that this field is a growing industry with great potential.

To become a dog groomer, one must have the appropriate certifications and training. Most states have specific licensing requirements for people who want to pursue pet grooming as a profession. In addition, groomers must maintain their certifications and continue their education in order to remain up-to-date with the latest industry trends and practices. It’s also important for pet groomers to keep up with the latest grooming tools and products available.

How to Become a Professional Dog Groomer

1. Get the Necessary Training and Education – The first step to becoming a professional dog groomer is to obtain the necessary training and education. There are many different schools, both online and in-person, that offer courses on pet grooming techniques and safety. Taking these classes will give you the skills needed to be successful as a groomer.

2. Take Certifications – Groomers must obtain certification from a recognized organization, such as the National Dog Grooming Association of America. This will demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills required to be a professional groomer.

3. Get Experience – Once you have taken classes and acquired your certifications, it’s time to gain some experience. Gaining hands-on experience by working in a grooming salon or doggie daycare center is an important step. This will help you to build your skills and confidence as a groomer.

4. Have the Right Tools – Having the right tools for the job is essential if you want to be a successful professional groomer. Make sure you have all the necessary items, such as scissors, clippers, combs, brushes, and shampoos.

5. Market Your Services – Professional dog groomers must also know how to market their services. Utilize social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase your work and reach potential clients. Additionally, create a portfolio of your work to show off to prospective customers.

6. Stay Up-to-Date – Finally, professional dog groomers must stay up-to-date on the latest grooming trends and techniques. Attend seminars or take classes regularly to ensure you are providing quality services to your clients. Additionally, research the latest products and tools available on the market.

By following these steps, you can become a professional dog groomer and start making money doing something that you love. With dedication and hard work, you can build a successful business providing quality services to your clients.

What is the Average Cost of Dog Grooming?

The cost of dog grooming can vary significantly depending on the breed, size and coat type of your pet. Generally speaking, smaller breeds tend to be less expensive while larger dogs with long coats can be more costly.

Some factors that can influence the cost of grooming include whether you opt for a basic bath and brush out or a full groom with haircut, and where you take your pet for grooming. The average cost of dog grooming can range from about $40 to $100 depending on the type of service desired. A basic bath and brush out may be as low as $25, while a full groom including haircut can cost upwards of $75 or more.

Some breeds with extra-long fur, such as a Shih Tzu or Maltese, may require extra attention and cost even more. Additionally, certain services like ear cleaning, nail trimming and teeth brushing could increase the overall cost of your grooming bill. If you have regular grooming needs for your pet, it may be wise to invest in a package deal from your local groomer. This could include a yearly trim or multiple visits for brushing and bathing at a discounted rate.

How to Groom Your Dog at Home

To get your pup looking their best, you’ll need the right tools and supplies. You will need a dog brush, comb, scissors, clippers, nail trimmers, shampoo and conditioner specifically for dogs.

  1. Before starting any grooming session with your pup, make sure help ensure that both of you are comfortable. If your pup is nervous, give them plenty of breaks and ensure that they’re not too stressed. Start with some gentle brushing to help calm them down.
  2. Brushing is the most important part of any grooming session, as it helps get rid of dirt, mats, loose fur, and dandruff. Make sure to brush in the direction of your pup’s fur to avoid irritation. Make sure to pay close attention around the ears, tail and face.
  3. Once your pup has been properly brushed, you can give them a bath. Start by wetting their fur with warm water and then lathering up some shampoo specifically made for dogs. Massage the shampoo in all the way to the skin and rinse thoroughly. Follow up with a conditioner if your pup has long fur.
  4. After their bath, pat your pup dry with a towel and brush them one more time. Use scissors to trim any excess fur that is too long or unruly around their face and feet. You can use clippers and nail trimmers to keep your pup’s fur and nails in top shape.
  5. Always reward your pup with treats during the grooming session to make it a positive experience for them. Grooming at home can be a great bonding activity if you have the right supplies and patience!
  6. Once you are done grooming, make sure to give your pup lots of love and praise! This will help them associate the grooming experience with positive feelings. Regularly groom your pup to keep them looking their best, healthy and happy! With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to become a pro at home dog grooming in no time.


How often should a dog be groomed?

The frequency of grooming varies depending on the breed of dog and its coat. Some breeds need more frequent brushing, while others require less. 

In general, it is recommended that a dog be groomed at least once every 3-4 weeks to maintain their coat and prevent mats from forming. If your dog has a longer and thicker coat, they may need to be groomed more often. 

If you are unsure of how often your particular breed needs grooming, it is best to ask a professional groomer or veterinarian for advice. Additionally, if your pet has developed any skin conditions due to poor hygiene, they may need to be groomed more frequently. 

Ultimately, it is important to remember that proper grooming is not just about keeping your pet looking good; it also keeps them healthy and happy. Regular grooming ensures that your dog’s coat is free of dirt, debris, and parasites, and helps to keep their skin healthy. It also helps to reduce shedding, reduce odor, and prevent mats from forming.

What types of dog grooming services are available?

Dog grooming services typically include bathing, brushing and trimming fur, trimming nails, cleaning ears, expressing anal glands and checking for any health issues. Depending on the type of breed or coat condition, additional services such as de-matting may also be available. Some groomers may even offer special spa packages for an extra pampering experience. Dog grooming should be done regularly to ensure your pet is looking, feeling and smelling great!

Some groomers may also offer additional services such as teeth brushing, flea treatments and specialized cuts or styling for certain breeds. Be sure to check with your local groomer for specific details on the services they offer.


In conclusion, there are an estimated more than 300 000 professional dog groomers in the United States. This number is expected to continue to grow as more people recognize the importance of proper grooming for their dogs.

Professional groomers offer a variety of services such as coat trimming, nail cutting, bathing and brushing, dental care, ear cleaning and more. Not only do they provide these essential services but also help build a trusting relationship with pet owners.

With the growing demand for their services, it’s important to understand the importance of finding a quality groomer who understands the needs of your dog and provides exceptional service. Doing so will ensure that your pup always looks and feels its best!


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