Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder

Felines make remarkable family pets, yet they can be fairly finicky when it pertains to their food. As a feline owner, it is essential to discover Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder that is trustworthy, convenient, as well as suitable for your pet cat’s feeding requirements. With many choices offered around, selecting the ideal Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder can be frustrating. In this blog post, we’ll lead you via the procedure of selecting the very best cat feeder for your hairy buddy.

Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder – Full Testimonial As Well As Buying Guide

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  • Easy Programmable Feeding Times: Reliably feed your beloved pet at your convenience any time during the day or night. Set between 1-4 meals with 0-40 portions choices to automatically dispense food to give a personal customized diet for your pet.
  • Wired or Battery Power: Choose between a fixed wired connection with the 5V adapter USB power cable or a portable 3 D-cell battery-powered feeding station. Flexible options prevent your pet from going hungry during power outages.
  • Voice Record Meal Call: Let your cat hear your voice when it’s mealtime to create a strong bond and set good eating habits. Record up to 10 seconds of audio for your furry friend.
  • User Friendly Operation: Intuitive LCD screen makes setup and programming a breeze. Removable cleanable parts foster a healthy environment for your pet’s food. Included Desiccant bag prevents mold, moisture, and odor from impacting food freshness.
  • High-Capacity Food Storage: The 6L/25.2 Cup (1 Cup = 48 Tsp) food storage will keep most pets comfortably fed for several days. Easily keep your cat or dog fed during long weekends and short business trips. Get the peace of mind of a full and happy pet.

Cat Feeder, HoneyGuaridan 6.5L Automatic Pet Feeder for Two Cats Dogs Food Dispenser Auto Cat Feeder 6 Meal Portion Control, Distribution Alarm, Programmable Timer Feeder, Customizable Voice Recorder

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  • 【Flexible Meal Scheduling】You can feed your pet 6 meals at scheduled times, and every meals have from 1 to 48 portions of 6g/ 0.3 oz unit size (about 1/10cup), which can help the pet develop a good eating habit.Once you program the feeding plans, they will be followed permanently even if the device is lose power changed to battery powered. This is great for pet parents with a very busy schedule or singles who travel for days at a time.
  • 【Feed Multiple Pets & Transparent 6.5L Hopper】The upgrade auto pet feeder comes with a 2-way splitter and double 3 cups stainless steel food bowls, can divide meals equally, and feed your multiple pets at the same time. 6.5L Large transparent removable food storage container can hold 29 cups dry food, easy to clean and see low food warning. The dry food kibble size should between 0.08”-0.47” (0.2cm-1.2cm) food kibble size. This size ensures that the big food is dispensed smoothly without jamming.
  • 【Premium Customizable Message Speaker】This automatic pet food dispenser has a built-in voice recorder and a speaker to call your pets to their meal with a 10-seconds-long message. You can also record quiet sound for your smart pet, it means you can have a good sleep in the weekends it will simply serves the pet without message reminder.
  • 【Unique Infrared Detection Design】A built-in infrared sensor alerts when the food stuck in the feeder, the motor will rotate oppositely to release food to prevent the food from blocking.The automatic cat feeder is powered by power adapter and 4 D-size batteries. In case of power outage, the feeder will continue to function on 4 D-size batteries to assure your pet never miss a feeding. (Batteries are NOT included)
  • 【Ergonomic Operation Panel】User friendly control panel, easy to set up. Anti-touch buttons to prevent your pet from accidentally touching and stealing food, Manual feeding choice to give pet food whenever you want. Top lid forms a type of seal so that the kibble stays fresh and so that your pets receive the food they need. Removable food container and stainlees steel bowl for easy installation and cleaning.
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Chintu Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, Auto Cat Feeder - 6 Meals Pet Wet Food Dispenser for Small Dog with Programmable Timer Portion Control Timed Cat Feeder with Voice Reminder

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  • 【No More Worries About Feeding】: No more pre-dawn wake up calls, or worry when you are overtime at night! Easy to program this automatic cat feeder with timer to dispense food in right time. No matter when and where you are, you can feed your pet effortlessly with this automatic pet feeder. The timed feeder for cats and dogs is a perfect choice for you when going out for work or have a short trip. Reset once a week to make the time more accurate
  • 【Care for Your Pet's Health】: Chintu automatic dog feeder helps you create a good feeding routine for your pet. The automatic dog food dispenser ​offers six compartments which contains 540g food (Each tray slot holds for 90ml dry food or semi-moist food). This timed pet feeder delivers precise portions and dispense right amounts of food at certain intervals. Ideal for cats, dogs, dieting pets, aging pets or other pets that requires more frequent feeding or with special needs.
  • 【Easy to Set up and Clean】: The smart pet feeder is very simple to set up. There is no app, no wifi, and no wireless pairing to set up. Runs to timed intervals design(Only Timed intervals without clock setting),You can have the schedule setup in a matter of minutes. 3*AA Battery powered design(Battery not included). Both the cover and food bowl are removable and top-shelf dishwasher safe.
  • 【Build-in Timer and Voice Reminder】 : The progammable pet feeder design with Voice Reminder ,the plate of programmable pet food dispenser automatically rotates to a precise position and make a sound at a set time point to attract pets' attention(Music cannot be turned off individually). Runs on timed intervals.Even if you are not at home, pets can still hear the sound from the feeder remind at the right time. There is a cover over the control panel to prevent pets from damaging them.
  • 【High-Quality Material】: The portion control cat food dispenser is made of impact-resistant,safe, and environment-friendly high-quality ABS housing material with no odor .Chintu brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years.We aim to offer a happier and comfortable live between pets and people . We highly value our customers and we’re always ready to assist you. So, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns
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Voluas Automatic Cat Feeders for Two Cats, Double Pet Feeder with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls,6L Timed Cat Feeder with Memory Function, Pet Food Dish

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  • The Optimal Choice: If your cat has learned the place where you keep the kibbles and treats, with the Voluas dry food dispenser, your little thief will never indulge as it pleases in the cat food! This double cat feeder is completely automatic and dispenses food at scheduled times, supporting a balanced and healthy diet for your cats.
  • Designed for Two Cats: Our kibble dispenser features a double design equipped with a meal divider, 2 stainless steel bowls and holders. The feeder dispenses food in the 2 bowls at the same time, saving you time with food preparation while encouraging a regular meal schedule.
  • Equal and Precise Food Portions: This pet feeder automatic distributes equal amounts of food to make sure both of your cats get the same meal size. The dispenser has a capacity of 6l and you can set up to 4 meals per day where each meal can be set up to 40 servings (1 serving – 0.264oz).
  • Smart Functions: The cat feeding station features has a 10-second message recording function and a timer function to help you schedule regular meals for your furry friends. It also has a memory function that prevents your meal schedule from getting lost when the power is off.
  • Safe and Reliable Cat Feeder: This cat food dispenser automatic is pet-proof, featuring a locked top cover and a screen security lock to make sure your pets won’t get their food until the scheduled time. Also, the feeder has an anti-clogging system to make sure the food is delivered without any inconvenience.


  • Anti-Clogging Design: The dual rotor design ensures equal distribution of grain, while the food channel adopts a large angle and 40-degree tilt design to increase the sliding speed of the grain and prevent grains from accumulating at the outlet with a large-diameter food bowl that is as wide as the automatic dog feeders.
  • Customize A Healthy Diet: With automatic cat feeder with stailness stell bowl , you will be hassle-free from feeding your perts on time whenever and wherever you are.(e.g.,in the office, on a vacation or business trip, at midnight). Set a healthy diet up to 4 meals a day with 1–9 portions according to your cats or small dogs'feeding requirement.
  • Recorded Meal Call: A 10-second audio clip can help your pet feel secure when you can't be there during their mealtime. The familiar voice of their owner is the best comfort for pets and ensures they eat normally.
  • Dual Power Supply: The automatic dog feeders will never let your pets miss a meal with 5V DC adapter + 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (NOT INCLUDED) to prevent power outage, providing flexibility and convenience, placing anywhere without the need for messy cables.
  • Safe and Reliable Feeder: Desiccant bags and safety lock covers not only keep food fresh but also prevent your pets from coming into contact with stored food. The detachable design allows for thorough cleaning to reduce bacterial growth, making your life easier and your pets healthier.

WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder, 5L Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, FT70 Plus Timed Cat Feeder 6 Meals Daily with Portion Control, Automatic Dog Feeder with Dual Power Supply for Dog & Cat

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  • 【Effortless Customized Feeding】No more early mornings to feed your pet! With WOPET automatic cat feeder, easily set up to 6 meals per day with 1-8 portions for each meal.
  • 【5L Storage Capacity】Our automatic dog feeder can store 21 cups of food, keeping most pets comfortably fed for several days. Suitable for kibble sizes within 2-15mm.
  • 【Dual Power Supply】This auto cat feeder supports both AC power and battery power (batteries not included), ensuring continuous operation even during power outages.
  • 【Stay Connected with Your Pet】Customize a 10-second voice recording to call your pets to their meals. Your familiar voice will make them feel safe and cared for, as if you're right there with them.
  • 【Easy to Clean】Designed for thorough cleaning while effectively locking in freshness, our cat automatic feeders have a detachable structure for healthier feeding conditions.

VOLUAS Automatic Cat Feeders for Two Cats - Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs Timed Cat Feeder Pet Dry Food Dispenser, White

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  • Cat Automatic Feeders - This Voluas automatic pet feeder is equipped with weighing sensors and an intelligent control system. It can feed your pets automaticly with needed portions at specific times and helping you avoid overfeeding or forgetting to feed your pets. Even if you are out, you can ensure that your pets get food on time, and make them keep fit and healthy.
  • Voice Recording Reminder Function - This Voluas automatic cat and dog food dispenser also features a 10-second voice recording reminder function, which allows you to record your voice to remind your pets to eat when it's time to eat. This feature helps you to improve the quality of pets care, and makes both pets and you happier and healthier.
  • Exquisite Appearance with Two Food Bowls - The cat food container and cat food bowl are made of aluminum alloy material, suitable for multiple pets to eat at the same time. This auto automatic feeder is elegant and texture, and the auto cat feeder is easy to keep clean, not easy to grow bacteria, making this cat food dispenser easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Dual Power Intelligent Mode - Our automatic dog feeder can be powered by a 5V adapter (battery not included) or use batteries as a backup, ensuring that even during a power outage, the dog feeder can still function normally. The cat food dispenser also features intelligent memory storage, retaining previous meal times and voice recordings in case of power failures.
  • Safe and Healthy - Our automatic cat feeder has a lockable top cover and screen safety lock, ensuring that your pet can‘t access food before the designated feeding time. Additionally, the top cover of the pet supplies comes instored a desiccant bag in , ensuring that your pet can eat fresh and healthy food every day, which make your pets more healthy.
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1. Automatic Pet Cat Feeders Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder:

Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder are excellent for pet dog proprietors who are regularly on the go or have busy timetables. These feeders immediately dispense food at normal intervals, and also can even be programmed to dispense food at certain times. Many automated cat feeders are battery-operated, with some even supplying smartphone control. They can be found in various dimensions, styles, and also brands, so you can pick the one that ideal suits your pet cat’s feeding needs.

2. Gravity Cat Feeders:

Gravity feline feeders give a easy yet efficient method to keep your pet cat’s food fresh in any way times. They function by giving food from a storage space container into a dish as your feline consumes. These feeders are excellent for cats who favor to munch throughout the day and take pleasure in dry food. Offered in various dimensions, some gravity pet cat feeders even feature several bowls for houses with multiple cats.

3. Interactive Pet Cat Feeders Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder:

Interactive cat feeders are made to stimulate your feline’s natural searching instincts and motivate them to benefit their food. These feeders can be found in numerous shapes and layouts, needing your feline to take part in task to access their dish. Interactive pet cat feeders are specifically valuable for pet cats seeking extra workout or those susceptible to consuming too swiftly. Furthermore, they assist with portion control as well as can protect against weight problems in pet cats.

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4. Wet Food Cat Feeders Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder:

If your cat likes wet food over completely dry food, a wet food feline feeder is a essential. These feeders incorporate a cooling system to maintain the food fresh for approximately 2 days, together with changeable ice bag to keep a secure temperature. Available in different dimensions and also layouts, damp food cat feeders are perfect for cats with a preference for wet food or those with unique nutritional requirements.

5. Smart Pet Cat Feeders:

Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder represent the latest advancement in the pet cat feeder market, catering to cat owners who desire to monitor their pet cat’s consuming routines. These feeders come furnished with integrated cams, microphones, and also sensing units, enabling you to from another location observe your pet cat’s feeding patterns. Some smart pet cat feeders also supply features that enable you to customize your pet cat’s diet based on variables such as age, breed, as well as weight.

Where to Place a Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder?

When determining the positioning of your Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder, several factors should be considered. First and foremost, guarantee the feeder is placed far from potential risks such as electric cables and devices. In addition, choose a well-lit area to assist in easy accessibility for your pet cat, particularly throughout nighttime or when they really feel starving after dark. It is also crucial to place the feeder in a secure as well as comfortable location, away from straight sunshine or rainfall, as pet cats choose to consume in cooler temperatures. Lastly, make sure the feeder is placed at a sufficient range to stop various other animals, such as canines, from accessing it conveniently. By taking into consideration these variables, you can prioritize your cat’s security as well as wellness.


In conclusion, picking the most effective Voluas Automatic Programmable Cat Pet Feeder for your cherished feline buddy is essential in ensuring their joy and well-being. Whether you select an automatic feline feeder, gravity feline feeder, interactive cat feeder, damp food pet cat feeder, or clever cat feeder, it is essential to pick one that aligns with your feline’s feeding preferences and also demands. Before buying, put in the time to review evaluations and ratings of the pet cat feeders you are interested in, and also consult with your veterinarian for assistance. With the ideal feline feeder, you can ensure your pet cat obtains the suitable amount of food at the right time, supplying you with assurance.

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