Auto Cat Feeder With Timer

Pet cats make terrific pets, yet they can be fairly particular when it concerns their food. As a cat proprietor, it is essential to locate Auto Cat Feeder With Timer that is trustworthy, convenient, as well as suitable for your feline’s feeding demands. With many options offered out there, picking the right Auto Cat Feeder With Timer can be frustrating. In this post, we’ll direct you through the procedure of picking the most effective feline feeder for your furry buddy.

Auto Cat Feeder With Timer – Full Testimonial As Well As Purchasing Overview

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  • 【Good material, good design】beQ automatic cat feeder is made of high quality BPA-free plastic and comes with a stainless steel bowl, so there is no risk of contaminating the food. Let your pet eat with more peace of mind. beQ automatic cat feeder also comes with several patented designs that prevent pets from stealing the amount, getting stuck when out and keeping the food fresh. Let you use the peace of mind.
  • 【Dual power supply】 beQ automatic pet feeder is equipped with dual power supply. Not only can it be powered normally with the DC adapter, but also with 3 alkaline C batteries (not included). When the beQ Auto Pet Feeder switches to battery mode, it will automatically start all your settings and last for 60 days. It will work even in the event of a power outage, giving you peace of mind when feeding your furry friend.
  • 【Customized Feeding】beQ Automatic Pet Feeder can ration your pet's food at the time you specify. You can schedule up to 6 meals per day, with a maximum of 20 servings per meal and 1 serving of 2 Tsp (the exact weight will fluctuate depending on the weight of your food). Your feline friend will always get the right amount of food, whether you are home or not. Supports steady growth and weight management while reducing the risk of diabetes.
  • 【20 seconds voice call】 beQ Automatic Pet Feeder can record up to 20 seconds of voice messages. You can record a personalized voice to remind your furry to eat. No matter where or when you are, your pets will hear your call, making them feel safe and cared for.
  • 【Easy to set and program】beQ Timer Pet Feeder has a very simple operation panel, you can easily set your pet's feeding schedule. And you can visually display the information you set on the LED screen. And with low battery alert, when the battery power is below 15% it will prompt you to replace the battery.


  • 3L/12.7 Cups Capacity to Ensure the Freshness of Pets’ Food. Based on a thousand times of tests in our lab, the automatic cat feeder will feed an adult cat in 15 consecutive days, which are the most appropriate length of time to stay fresh. For a small-sized adult dog, Ymiko pet feeder will meet 7 days’ of its demands. If you’re gone for a day or two or at work all day, give Ymiko auto feeder a shot.
  • 4 Programmable Feeding Time Settings. The timed feeder can schedule 4 meals in advance with the help of an LCD screen with buttons situated between the feeding bowl and the food hopper. Ymiko automated cat feeder dispenses up to 9 portions of pet food at a customized time, prevent your kitten from meowing you up at 5:00 in the morning for her breakfast.
  • 10s Voice Recording to Remind Kitties and Poodles. Unlock the LCD screen, press and hold the mic button for 5s to record a personalized voice recording clip for your little mates. That will be a great moment for bonding with them.
  • Dual Power Supply & Anti-Clogging Design. 5V DC adapter + 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (NOT INCLUDED), our automatic feeder for medium and small pets adopted the newest power system to prevent outage, thus to guarantee a constant food supply for your beloved pets.
  • Easy to Set up & Clean. Press and hold the unlock button ↓ for 3 seconds to unlock the screen. Then press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds to set current time. NEVER DROWN THE MACHINE INTO LIQUID!!! USE A DAMP CLOTH TO CLEAN THE INSIDE OF THE HOPPER. Greatly improve the hygiene around the house.

Petory Timed Automatic Cat Feeders - 4L Programable Dry Food Dispenser for Cats and Small Medium Dogs 6 Meals with Desiccant Bag Dual Power Supply 10S Voice Recorder

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as of September 20, 2023 12:15 am


  • Customize Feeding Schedule: Petory automatic pet feeder with a digital timer allows you to set certain time intervals between meals, up to 6 meals daily with 1-50 portions(10g/portion). Or make custom feeding intervals for the same meal if you want your pet to eat slower for instance.
  • An Airtight Storage: Petory auto pet feeder storage has patented airtight structure, which can effectively avoid your pet get extra food if the feeder is moved or rocked.
  • Dual Power Supply: When you plan to leave your cat for several days, an automatic feeder with battery backup will keep dispensing even if the power goes out and your cat won't starve. If power goes out without batteries inside, the meal settings are memoried when power comes back on.
  • Long-Lasting Feeding: This food dispenser can store up to 16.9cups dry food (under 0.7in diameter kibbles,freeze-dried grains), which can lasting feed cats and small dogs for 20 days. Desiccant Bag can keep food fresh.
  • Easy to Clean: The hopper and bowl are easy to disassemble and dishwasher-safe. Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel is healthy for pets.
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Automatic Cat Feeder, HoneyGuaridan 6L Pet Feeder for 2 Cats & Dogs, Auto Cat Dry Food Dispenser with Desiccant Bag, Timer Feeder Portion Control 1-6 Meals per Day, Dual Power Supply, Voice Recorder

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  • 【Schedule Automatic Feeding】You can set 1-6 meals at scheduled times per day and up to 24 portions of dry food per meal depending on your pet’s needs. 1 portion is about 5g (May changes by the kibble size) dry kibbles per portion to maintain a healthy feeding. Once you program the feeding plans, they will be followed permanently even if the device is lose power changed to battery powered. This is great for pet parents with a very busy schedule or singles who travel for days at a time.
  • 【Feed Multiple Pets & Visable 6L Hopper】The upgrade auto cat feeder comes with a 2-way splitter and 2 detachable & deep stainless steel Tray, divide meals equally and feed your pets at the same time. 6L large removable food storage container can hold about 25 cups dry food, easy to clean and see low food warning. The dry food kibble size should between 0.19”-0.47” (0.5cm-1.2cm) in diameter. A lock top lid with the desiccant to keep dry food crunchy, flavorful, and secure from any poaches.
  • 【10s Customized Meal’s Calling】You can record 10s customized voice message calling that played at each feeding dispenses to let your pet know when it’s time to eat. And he dosen’t feel lonely as he can hear your voice recording. (e.g. Hi, Kitty! Come to eat, My boy!) You can also disable the recorder sound for your smart pet, it means you can have a good sleep in the weekends it will simply serves the pet without message reminder.
  • 【Dual Power Supply】The automatic cat feeder can be powered by power adapter and 3 alkaline D-size batteries (Battery NOT Included). Battery Backup ensures that your pets get food even in the power outage. Recommended to use both battery and adapter in case any of power outage, the feeder will continue to function on 3 D-size batteries to assure your pet never miss a feeding.This clog-free auto cat food dispenser with timer keeps your pet fed consistently
  • 【Ergonomic Operation Panel】User friendly control panel, easy to set up. Anti-touch buttons to prevent your pet from accidentally touching and stealing food, Manual feeding choice to give pet food whenever you want. To keep your pet healthy, the food hooper, food tray, tank base and cat food dispenser food bowl of our auto cat feeder are completely removable, place them in the top-rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Hand wash the conveyor system separately.
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PetSafe Analog 2 Meal Programmable Pet Feeder, Dry or Semi-Moist Pet Food Dispenser, Slow Feed Portion Control (3 Cup/16 Ounce Total Capacity), Tamper-Resistant Design, Gray

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  • BREAKFAST ON TIME: We’ll feed your cat breakfast right on time so you can get some extra sleep; feeder requires 1 AA alkaline battery (not included)
  • SCHEDULE MEALS OR TREATS: Use the dial timers to schedule 2 meals for your cat in 1/2 -hour increments; you can also use the feeder to give your cats treats throughout the day
  • FOOD CAPACITY: Each compartment holds up to 1 1/2 cups of dry or semi-moist pet food
  • PORTION CONTROL: If your cat tends to eat too much too quickly, break meals up into 2 smaller portions to keep your furry friend happy and healthy
  • TAMPER-RESISTANT LIDS: Designed to prevent sneaky kitties from using their paws to pry open the feeder lids ahead of scheduled mealtimes

WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder, 5L Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, FT70 Plus Timed Cat Feeder 6 Meals Daily with Portion Control, Automatic Dog Feeder with Dual Power Supply for Dog & Cat

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  • 【5L Storage Capacity】Our automatic dog feeder can store 21 cups of food, keeping most pets comfortably fed for several days. Suitable for kibble sizes within 2-15mm.
  • 【Effortless Customized Feeding】No more early mornings to feed your pet! With automatic cat food dispenser , easily set up to 6 meals per day with 1-8 portions for each meal.
  • 【Dual Power Supply】This auto cat feeder supports both AC power and battery power (batteries not included), ensuring continuous operation even during power outages.
  • 【Stay Connected with Your Pet】Customize a 10-second voice recording to call your pets to their meals. Your familiar voice will make them feel safe and cared for, as if you're right there with them.
  • 【Easy to Clean】Designed for thorough cleaning while effectively locking in freshness, our WOPET automatic cat feeder have a detachable structure for healthier feeding conditions.

IMIPAW Automatic Cat Feeders, 3L Timed Cat Dry Food Dispenser with Clog-Free Design, Auto Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs, 1-4 Meals Per Day

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  • Accurate and Programmable Timed Feeding & No More Wake-up Calls: Your pet gets the right amount of food on time, cat food dispenser adjustable the amount of food in each meal, up to 36 portions daily with 9 portions setting per meal (7g ± 2g). Our cat feeder automatic is a good assistant to take care of your cat/dog!
  • Easy to Use & Maintain: IMIPAW Auto dog feeder inbuilt LCD screen allows for quick setup and press both UP & DOWN together to manual dispense 1 portion; Proper angle so that food will not accumulate in the food outlet, and food tray are removable for cleaning. The secure lid lock design to keep pets from getting food.
  • Suitable-Capacity Food Storage: The 3L/12 Cup (1 Cup = 16 tbsp) food storage will keep most pets comfortably feed for several days. Easily keep your cats or dogs feed during long weekends and short business trips. Get the peace of mind of a full and happy pet.
  • Dual Power Supply & Anti-Clogging Design. 5V DC adapter + 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (NOT INCLUDED), our automatic feeder for medium and small pets adopted the newest power system to prevent outage, thus to guarantee a constant food supply for your beloved pets.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We always try to make sure that you get the best quality and strive to ensure user comfort and satisfaction. However if you have any issues while using this automatic cat feeder please contact us for any specific instructions or we can send replacement or refund if necessary.
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1. Automatic Cat Feeders Auto Cat Feeder With Timer:

Auto Cat Feeder With Timer are optimal for pet dog proprietors that are often on the move or have active timetables. These feeders instantly dispense food at routine intervals, as well as can even be configured to dispense food at particular times. The majority of automated feline feeders are battery-operated, with some also offering smart device control. They are available in different dimensions, styles, and brand names, so you can pick the one that finest fits your cat’s feeding needs.

2. Gravity Feline Feeders:

Gravity cat feeders offer a straightforward yet effective way to keep your pet cat’s food fresh whatsoever times. They function by giving food from a storage space container into a bowl as your feline consumes. These feeders are perfect for pet cats who favor to nibble throughout the day and also delight in dry food. Readily available in different dimensions, some gravity cat feeders also feature multiple bowls for families with several pet cats.

3. Interactive Cat Feeders Auto Cat Feeder With Timer:

Interactive cat feeders are made to promote your pet cat’s all-natural searching reactions and also motivate them to work for their food. These feeders come in various shapes as well as layouts, requiring your pet cat to take part in task to access their meal. Interactive cat feeders are specifically helpful for felines looking for extra workout or those prone to consuming too promptly. Additionally, they help with portion control and can prevent weight problems in felines.

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4. Wet Food Pet Cat Feeders Auto Cat Feeder With Timer:

If your feline chooses damp food over completely dry food, a wet food feline feeder is a must-have. These feeders include a cooling system to keep the food fresh for approximately 2 days, along with exchangeable ice bag to keep a safe temperature. Readily available in different dimensions and also layouts, wet food pet cat feeders are optimal for pet cats with a preference for wet food or those with special nutritional needs.

5. Smart Pet Cat Feeders:

Auto Cat Feeder With Timer represent the most recent development in the feline feeder market, satisfying feline owners who wish to monitor their cat’s consuming habits. These feeders come equipped with built-in cams, microphones, as well as sensing units, enabling you to from another location observe your cat’s feeding patterns. Some wise pet cat feeders even use functions that enable you to personalize your feline’s diet regimen based on factors such as age, breed, and also weight.

Where to Put a Auto Cat Feeder With Timer?

When figuring out the placement of your Auto Cat Feeder With Timer, a number of aspects must be considered. Primarily, make sure the feeder is positioned away from prospective risks such as electric cords and also home appliances. Additionally, pick a well-lit area to facilitate simple gain access to for your feline, particularly during nighttime or when they really feel starving after dark. It is also important to place the feeder in a safe as well as comfortable location, away from direct sunshine or rain, as pet cats prefer to eat in cooler temperature levels. Last but not least, guarantee the feeder is positioned at a sufficient range to stop other pets, such as pets, from accessing it easily. By considering these aspects, you can prioritize your pet cat’s safety and security and also well-being.

Final thought:

Finally, picking the best Auto Cat Feeder With Timer for your beloved feline good friend is important in guaranteeing their happiness as well as well-being. Whether you select an automatic cat feeder, gravity feline feeder, interactive feline feeder, wet food feline feeder, or wise cat feeder, it is necessary to select one that lines up with your feline’s feeding preferences and requirements. Prior to buying, put in the time to read evaluations and scores of the feline feeders you are interested in, as well as seek advice from your vet for support. With the best feline feeder, you can guarantee your feline obtains the suitable quantity of food at the right time, providing you with comfort.

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