Bird Feeder Camera Black Friday

Are you a bird spectator who intends to enhance the experience of enjoying birds in your yard? Consider making use of a high-quality Bird Feeder Camera Black Friday, which enables you to observe birds up close while staying inside. These digital gizmos are straightforward to make use of and mount, giving you a unique view of nature.

If you want birdwatching, whether you’re a beginner or an professional, this blog post can assist you in picking the most effective Bird Feeder Camera Black Friday to bring nature closer to your house. Keep reviewing to discover all the interesting possibilities that these exceptional tools can use.

Bird Feeder Camera Black Friday – Full Testimonial And Also Purchasing Guide

Check out our top products that you can purchase:

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  • Real-time Bird Watching: The Smart bird feeder will keep your feathered friends fed and entertained while equipped with a 1080p HD camera that captures amazing footage of them in action. It also equipped with AI recognition to detect information about bird visiter. Enjoy watching online with 6 devices and share the fun with your family and friends. We also provide a 32G TF card, which allows you to save and collect fun images.
  • Smart Bird Feeder:The bird buddy supports 2.4G WIFI connection. Built-in PIR motion detection. When the camera detects the activity of birds, it will automatically photograph or record a 10-second video. Automatically enters the dormant state without bird activity. Equipped with 5200mAh rechargeable battery. It can work for 20-25 days when fully charged, and has 2-3 months of standby time when it is dormant.
  • Bird-friendly Design: Bird feeders are made of high-quality metal that are durable and weather-resistant, ensuring that they can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. They also feature a 2.5L seed capacity and drainage holes, which makes them both convenient and practical, as well as keeping seeds fresh. The bird feeder with camera can be used at 4°F- 140°F and has an IP66 waterproof design. It can be used for a whole year, which makes your yard as a forever home for birds.
  • APP Notification: A notification will be sent to your phone when the birdwatcher identifies a squirrel. After checking the real-time situation through the app, you can choose 3 different ways to scare them away through your phone. White light to repel, alarm to repel, or open the microphone button to drive them away.
  • Idea Gift for Bird Lovers: There are more bird lovers choosing smart bird feeders to improve their watching experience and capture more details of birds that they never noticed before. Being able to help bird watchers collect clear pictures and videos to share on social media which makes life more fun.

DEHVIHS Smart Bird Feeder Camera with Solar Panel, 1080P HD & 160° Wide-Angle Camera Auto Capture Bird Videos, App Notify When Birds Detected, Bird Watching Camera with Full Color Night Vision

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as of September 21, 2023 3:41 am


  • 【Live Bird Watching & Auto Capturing】- Elevate your bird feeding experience with our smart bird feeder camera! Equipped with a motion sensor, this bird feeder camera automatically captures, records videos and AI identify various bird species. Receive real-time notifications through the mobile app and witness the vibrant beauty of birds from anywhere, bringing you closer to nature.
  • 【1080P Color Night Vision & 160° Wide-Angle】- Experience bird watching in stunning detail with our bird feeder camera. Featuring 1080P high resolution and full-color night vision, it captures bird activities with vivid colors even at night. The 160° wide-angle camera provides a broad field of view, offering you an immersive bird-watching experience like never before.
  • 【Flexible Power Options & 5200mAh Long-Lasting】- Our smart bird camera offers two convenient charging methods, with the included USB cable or detachable solar panel. The separate solar panel maximizes charging efficiency and ensures a prolonged lifespan. With a large capacity 5200mAh battery, this bird feeder with camera can record up to 6 months of 10-second clips per day on a full charge.
  • 【Versatile Accessories & Installation】- Our 1.8L smart bird feeder with camera boasts more functions to cater to different bird species, with a squirrel baffle, suet ball feeder, and hummingbird feeder. The IP65 waterproof rating and multiple installation options allow you to mount it on trees, walls, tripods, fences, or poles.
  • 【Share to Family and Community】- Share multiple devices with family and friends, capturing and sharing fascinating bird discoveries and videos on third platforms.Immerse yourself in the joy of bird watching and create lasting memories with your loved ones using our smart bird feeder.
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Smart Bird Feeder with Camera - Wireless Outside Birds Feeder Camera, Solar Bird Watching Cameras, 1080P HD Full Color Bird House Cameras, Auto Capture Video Window Birds Cam, Gifts for Bird Lovers

$138.99  in stock
as of September 21, 2023 3:41 am


  • Watch Birds Anytime, Anywhere: Still using binoculars to watch birds? Our bird watching camera can observe wild birds through the app and automatically record bird species. If you can't go out often, bird feeder camera allows you to watch birds up close and observe their behavior anywhere, much more clearly than through binoculars. Camera bird feeder supports more stable 2.4G Wi-Fi connection with 5dBi antenna, so you don't have to worry about losing signal and missing any moment of the bird.
  • Smart AI Identify 11000+ Bird Species: Our smart bird feeder with camera has a powerful built-in AI bird identify system, bird house with camera can identify over 11,000+ bird species worldwide, (other brands only have 6,000 species). When a bird visitor arrives, you'll receive real-time notifications via your mobile app. It is fun to see different kinds of birds passing by bird camera. There is a manual alarm you can turn on from the app to scare away visitors(animals or humans) you don't want.
  • 1080P HD Wild Bird Watching Camera: Smart bird feeder has a camera on it that is 1080p high resolution and 160° ultra wide angle, you can get very detailed and clear footage of the birds even at night, supporting 8x magnification to see Hummingbird feathers clearly in the video. You can preview the videos, download the ones you want to keep, and take screenshots of the downloaded videos to save the images. Bird feeder with camera wireless outdoor allows you to see and hear the birds up close.
  • Waterproof Video Bird Feeder: Our IP65 waterproof bird house camera is well made, very sturdy, large capacity of 1.5L, can hold a week's worth of bird food seeds, with drainage holes so you don't have to worry about bird food getting moldy if it rains. This kit contains everything you need to install in every possible location. Camera bird feeders for outside has many ways to mount it, and you can put it anywhere. It's really fun to be able to watch blue birds from anywhere with your phone.
  • Multiplayer Sharing: This bird camera feeder supports multiplayer devices sharing,watching online at the same time, when you capture the funny moments of Hummingbird, you can share with family and partners. Bird house camera will record bird videos and store them in the cloud for up to 3 days on a loop(One month free trial for new user), and you can extend it by subscribing or storing it on a free 64GB TF card. If you need an exciting gift for a birdwatcher in your life, this is perfect!
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SOLIOM Bird Feeder with Camera Wireless Outdoor,Video Bird Feeder Camera with AI Identify Bird Species,Auto Record Bird Video & Notify You,5W Solar Panel,IP65 Weatherproof,Metal Case BF08(Blue)

 in stock
as of September 21, 2023 3:41 am


  • Watch Birds & Receive Instant Notifications on Your Phone- Soliompro BF08 smart bird feeder with camera can auto capture and record bird videos for all birds coming to the bird feeder, and you will receive instant real-time notifications with a high resolution snapshot image via the phone app( Soliom Pro app). The bird feeder camera brings birds closer in front of your eyes
  • Advanced AI Identify 10000+ Bird Species - The BF08 smart bird feeder camera with the advanced AI algorithm identifies more than 10000+ birds species, and check details of the bird species in the Soliom Pro app, watch and enjoy your favorite birds and provide wildlife education for all ages. You can also drive away squirrels or unexpected visitors by siren, spotlight or just say "Go away" through two way talk.(Basic Cloud service subscription needed for the birds AI service)
  • Durable Metal Bird Feeder with Friendly Design & No Assembly Needed - The birdfeeder camera BF08 is designed with a 2.7L large capacity sturdy metal case & transparent acrylic container which weighs 4.5lb only can store enough food for birds so you don't need to refill bird food frequently, and the bird stand is solid for any weight of birds.Forget the soggy bird seed with the IP65 waterproof bird house and drainage tray holes, crafted for your comfort
  • Free Store & Perfect Gift for Birding and Bird Lovers with Lifetime Guarantee- Soliompro bird smart bird feeder with camera will record the birds videos and store in the Cloud for up to 3 days loop recording, and you can extend it by subscription or store them in the free 32G card. Share lovely moments with friends or family, it is a great outdoor present for kids and the elderly
  • Battery Powered Bird Camera & Solar Charging- The outdoor 2.4g wi-fi wireless bird camera has a built-in 5000mAh rechargeable battery and includes a 5W solar panel for constant charging. With the 5dB antenna, the smart bird feeder camera solar powered supports a more stable 2.4G Wi-Fi connection, so you no longer have to worry about signal loss and miss the lovely moments of birds. (The wireless bird feeder camera does not support 5G Wi-Fi)
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joyibay Hanging Bird Feeder with Camera, Smart Bird Feeder with 1080P Night-Version WiFi Remote Connect with Cellphone, Outdoor Pigeon Feeder Cage Live Stream Camera Watching

 in stock
as of September 21, 2023 3:41 am


  • 【Delicate Feeder for Little Birds】 Our bird feeder is made from clear plastic with a small size of 5 x 5 x 3 inches, so it is most suitable for small pint-sized birds. It is a semi-open cage with a small exquisite feeding window and can hold enough food for 3 to 5 birds each time. Birds can easily see through the transparent feeder and come for bird food.
  • 【Share Bird Videos with Others 】 Why not share the wonderful moments with your family members, friends, or even netizens? The kids will be interested in how birds eat, get extra knowledge after classes, and raise awareness to protect the birds and nature. Making live streaming to share interesting videos with bird lovers is also a good idea.
  • 【Easy to Install on Tree or House】 With the pre-drilled holes, sucker, stand, and metal chain, the bird feeder can be hung steadily in your house like roof, eave, or balcony. Also, you can install it on a backyard tree to protect the wild birds. The feeder cage doesn’t take up much place.
  • 【WiFi Remote Control with Phone】 You can watch the real-time footage and playback by the monitor. After connecting the camera to the family WiFi network, you are able to see the bird feeder anytime and anywhere. It is also convenient for your to check how much bird food is left and replenish it on time.
  • 【1080HD Night Version Camera】 The bird feeder is equipped with a mini camera device to monitor the feeding birds. With a 1080HD night-vision function, this waterproof camera helps you see them even at night or in rainy weather. The camera is rechargeable through a USB cable.

Bird Feeder with Camera-Smart Bird Watcher Camera with Solar Pannel, Auto Capture Bird Videos-AI Intelligent Recognition Birds Spieces-Wireless Camera Bird Watching Gifts for Family

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as of September 21, 2023 3:41 am


  • 【Smart AI Identify 11000+ Bird Camera】 Smart bird camera uses independently developed AI intelligent recognition technology, to recognize up to 11000+ species. Patent bird-friendly unique design, the acrylic board can see the food inside is particularly attractive for the arrival of birds.
  • 【Bird-Friendly design】Unique birdhouse bird feeder design, non-reflective frosted acrylic food baffle can not only see the food inside, but also attract birds close to. The 2.5L large capacity container can store enough food for birds so you don't need to add bird food frequently. The sloping roof provides shade from the sun and rain for birds. The bottom of the trough has multiple water outlets for drainage, the grain will not get bad for a long time.
  • 【1080P HD Video Bird Feeder with Camera】The video of bird camera feeder provides 130°super wide angle and 1080P HD image quality. You can view the real-time dynamic video of the bird anytime, anywhere through the Bird Lover APP, even during working or doing housework, without letting you miss any details of birds.
  • 【More Stable 2.4G wifi Connection】The bird feeder camera only supports 2.4GHz wifi, not 5GHz wifi. The phone and camera need to be connected to 2.4G WiFi at the same time. The effective distance of WIFI of a smart bird feeder is about 33FT. Choose a place with a strong wifi signal to install. If the WiFi coverage signal is weak, you can add a repeater to enhance the network signal.
  • 【Cloud Storage & Sharing】 Outdoor wireless bird feeder with camera can records bird videos and stores them in the cloud for up to 30 days for lifetime free, and you can extend it by subscription or SD card. You can easily share device with friends and family or share live video to social media,increase communication and connection, it's a great bird watching gift for kids and bird lovers.
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Bird Feeder with Camera, Cansnowe Hummingbird Feeder House, Bird Feeder Camera with Solar Panel Wireless Outdoor, Auto Shooting Bird Videos & Photo,Birdhouse Camera with Card Reader & 32g Card

$59.99  in stock
as of September 21, 2023 3:41 am


  • Auto Shooting & PIR Motion Detection - Featuring PIR motion detection, bird buddy camera effortlessly records videos and captures images as birds enter its 132ft range. It provides three recording modes (image / Video / image+Video), maximizing its versatility and functionality.
  • 2-in-1 Hummingbird & Water Feeder - Cansnowe Hummingbird feeder serves a dual purpose by accommodating both seeds and nectar. The bird camera feeder unique design incorporates a separate water sink, allowing birds to hydrate themselves while enjoying their meal. The vibrant red flowers on the feeder are specially treated to attract the attention of hummingbirds, providing them a convenient spot to rest and drink.
  • 10W Solar Panel Charging- The birdhouse camera features a built-in rechargeable 4500mAh battery and continuous charging from a 10W solar panel, ensuring uninterrupted power for recording bird activity. Say goodbye to frequent battery replacements and never miss important moments. Even in rainy weather, the solar panel can still recharge the power of the hummingbird feeder house as long as there is light from a lamp for illumination.
  • 1080P Full High Definition Night Vision - The birdhouse camera features a real Full HD 1920*1080 resolution camera with a wide-angle lens of 90°, delivering high-definition recording day and night. Its 940nm no glow infrared technology adapts to varying exposure and low-light conditions, resulting in clear colors and sharp images even in weak lighting.
  • Complimentary 32GB Card & Card Reader Included - Water Sink*1, Hummingbird Feeder*1, Mounting Belt*1, Camera Bracket*1, Type-C-USB Cable*1, Sd Card 32g*1, Card reader*1. Additionally, the camera includes a 32G card and card reader for storing photos and videos, creating a beautiful collection of memories. This smart bird feeder camera is a great gift for parents or bird enthusiasts.
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Exactly how to Choose the Bird Feeder Camera Black Friday

Assess the Quality of Bird Feeder Camera Black Friday

To choose a cam bird feeder, inspect its quality and building and construction. Select designs made with stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic components. See to it that the feeder is very easy to clean and fill. Watch out for any type of sharp edges that can cause injuries to birds when they land on it.

Consider Your Feeding Preferences

If you intend to feed various kinds of birds, choose huge feeders that can hold numerous sizes. Yet if you only want smaller birds, select a small feeder with shallow trays that won’t call for excessive food. If you’re unsure which feeder to select, ask an specialist in your location.

Pick a Electronic Camera Bird Feeder with the Right Features

When selecting an Bird Feeder Camera Black Friday, it is necessary to figure out which features matter most to you. Particular designs come with remote capacities, whereas others have built-in night vision or movement sensing units. If you wish to take pictures or document video clips, take into consideration a feeder with a built-in cam as well as storage device. Furthermore, some designs have adjustable perches and also seed trays for included convenience of use.

Look for Sturdiness

For the ideal camera bird feeders, opt for ones made from long lasting materials that can take care of various weather conditions as well as temperature levels. Verify that the feeder is rustproof as well as waterproof, to permit usage in all environments. In addition, prior to buying, check for any type of service warranties or assurances that may be included with the product.

Frequently asked questions

Where to acquire Bird Feeder Camera Black Friday?

You can buy Bird Feeder Camera Black Friday from online retailers and also specialized shops that concentrate on wild animals and nature-related products. You’ll discover a lot of these shops in areas where birds abound, like near parks or tracks. In a similar way, prominent video camera brands supply a variety of bird feeders on their sites.


To summarize, the Bird Feeder Camera Black Friday available on the market is an excellent tool for capturing birds in their natural habitat. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a skilled bird enthusiast, having actually a skillfully mounted feeder with a excellent electronic camera provides an ideal possibility to observe as well as examine numerous bird types.

You can make use of a single electronic camera to catch footage of multiple birds up close. Additionally, when you tidy up and also change the birdseed, you can capture images of the birds at work with your camera.

If you’re seeking a means to bring more charm right into your room while benefiting your regional environment, then buying this incredible item is an outstanding choice.

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