Crested Gecko Tank With Running Water

Owning a gecko can be a fulfilling experience. They are small, charming, and low-maintenance animals that are Crested Gecko Tank With Running Water for beginners. Yet just like any type of animal, proper care is necessary. One of the most essential things to consider is creating a space for your gecko that fits and also conducive to their development and advancement. In this post, we will certainly go over the most effective gecko container and also the steps you can require to ensure that your family pet is living their finest life.

Crested Gecko Tank With Running Water – Total Review And Also Buying Overview

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  • Rich Quantity: 100 pieces of small gecko food and water cups, suitable for a variety of reptile feeding ledges, sufficient qauntities can meet your daily feeding and replacement needs, no need to worry about cleaning.
  • Proper Size: Small Animal Dish Capacity: 0.5 oz, top diameter : 1.73''; bottom diameter: 1.37''; height: 0.7''. (Package Not include ledge & feeder and worm For reference only) Proper size to feed your small pets.
  • High Quality: Crested gecko water bowl made of high quality PET material, safe and environmentally friendly, no odor. Using a transparent appearance will allow your reptile to clearly see the food and attract them to eat.
  • Suitable For Most Small Animals: suitable for Crested geckos, Lizards, Frogs, Skink, Cricket, Cresties, Tarantulas, Chameleon, Cockroaches, Velvet ants, Black beetles, Geckos, Darkling beetles, Lguana, snake, Hermit crabs, Spiders and other Reptile Amphibian small animals. Small 0.5 oz capacity cups,never waste lots of food any more.
  • Multifunctional Use: these plastic cups are perfect for some small reptile feeding racks. It can also be used in the classification of various colors, snacks, seasonings, soy sauce, or as a disposable tasting cup, which is also essential in cooking and baking.

Reptile Feeding Cups Water Bowl Double Crested Gecko Feeding Ledge with 10 Pcs 0.5oz Bowls,Detachable Suction Cup Reptile Feeding Dish Feeder for Lizard Tortoise Reptile Spider Gecko (Single)

$9.99  in stock
as of September 17, 2023 2:15 am


  • Unique Design: Special designed for arboreal reptiles,fits their eating habits. three strong suction cups with small handle,easy to take down and change the place ,easy to use and easy clean by water,strong stability,will not be stumped by pets to stain the nest.Suit for all kinds of glass tanks and acrylic boxes
  • Safe Material: the gecko ledge feeder made of high quality food grade plastic,steady and durable,no-toxic and safe to your pets.
  • Powerful Suction Cup: this reptiles feeder featured with a strong suction cup which provide a reliable surpport for the ledge and food/water.
  • Package include:1pcs*gecko feeder + 10pcs bowls
  • Wide Use: Perfect for gecko,lizards,spiders,snake,frogs reptiles and other small animal pets for water or food feeding.
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QIHYCUF Paper Feeding Cups Samll 0.5 oz Gecko Food and Water Feeding Dish Ledge Accessories Bowls for Crested Gecko Lizards Reptiles Pets (Ledge+20cups)

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as of September 17, 2023 2:15 am


  • GECKO FEEDING LEDGE: this gecko feeding ledge compatible with our QIHYCUF 0.5 oz gecko paper feeding cups,perfect food & water feeders for most kinds of small reptiles and amphibians like Geckos,Crested Geckos,Chameleons,Lizards,Snakes,Frogs,Spiders.
  • NO WORRIED FOR REPLACEMENT CUPS: come with 20pcs 0.5oz paper cups,our store still have 100/300 pack 0.5 oz gecko feeding cups for this Ledge.All these paper feeding cups are made from plant fibers, 100% natural and friendly.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Like pictures 3# shows,1.Put the small head of suction cup into the ledge hole,2.Rotate the suction in clockwise or anticlockwise and Pull it up to the end of ledge rail,3.fix the other suction cup in the same way,4.Done and apply the ledge to the cleanly surface.
  • ACRYLIC FEEDING LEDGE FOR REPTILES:this reptiles feeder ledge made of high quality acrylic material,safe to your pet,with 2 strong suction cups,provide a reliable surpport for the feeder,best for small reptiles such as gecko,chameleon,lizards,spiders,snake,frogs.
  • NO NEED TO WASH THE BOWLS EVERYDAY: small 0.5 oz capacity cups could hold reptile food or water up to 2 days.PLEASE replace the paper bowls every 2 days!!!Never waste lots of food any more.Much more convenient for feeding your small pets.


  • Higher feeding = Happier geckos — Crested geckos are expert climbers. In their original habitat, they would hunt and escape larger animals by climbing and hiding in trees. That’s why they prefer to eat and drink above the ground. Synra’s gecko feeding ledge makes your gecko feel more at home.
  • Strong suction cup to save the tails — Synra’s gecko ledge is secured by a durable suction cup. Your leopard gecko will love perching on the platform where they can watch everything and you’ll love knowing Synra’s platform won’t let them down.
  • Just The Right Size — Our clear, reusable cups are the ideal size for your eyelash crested gecko. Not so deep they get stuck and not too shallow. They hold the right amount of mash and spills are easily wiped away.
  • Keep Valuable Real Estate — Love your giant day gecko’s habitat? With Synra’s crested gecko feeding ledge, you don’t have to rearrange your pet’s aquarium. Our ledge can go anywhere at any height so you can keep live plants, tunnels, and climbing branches where your fat-tailed gecko likes them
  • Perfect For Tree Frogs and Newts — Tree frogs and newts love to be hidden away up high so our feeding cups on the ledge are perfect for their needs. All reptiles and amphibians move to maintain their proper temperature. That’s why giving them water and food in dish is important so they have access to different areas.

WOLEDOE Crested Gecko Feeding Ledge with 10Pcs 0.5oz Food Dish, Suction Cup Reptile Feeder fit Chameleon Lguana Lizards

 in stock
as of September 17, 2023 2:15 am


  • WOOD-LIKE UPGRADE MODEL - Wood-like Reptile Feeding Rack with Suction Cups, the perfect solution for providing a naturalistic feeding platform for your beloved reptile pets. It is a reptile feeding feeder is also a reptile climbing, hiding, resting, feeding, landscaping and so on.
  • SIZE AND PACKAGE - Ledge size :4.9 inch (L)* 2.5 inch (W)* 1.3 inch (H). This feeding ledge includes 4 powerful suction cups and 10 feeding 0.5oz bowls.The WOLEDOE 0.5oz Gecko Food Cups are available for individual purchase with our store.Love not having to wash bowls every day. Fill them, the throw them away.
  • INSTALLATION STEPS - First, please clean the surface of the glass container, and then install the suction cups in the position to be fixed to finish the installation, just put the food dish on. This reptile ledge and food cups are easy to use and clean.
  • SPACE SAVING - Easily attaches to the inside of your tank with strong suction cups, space saving.This was a great addition to my geckos tank. It makes eating easy and adds such an awesome look to the tank.
  • PROFESSIONAL GECKO TANK ACCESSORIES - The specialized reptile feeder ledge to provide delicious supplements to your gecko, lizard, frogs, bearded dragon, spiders, snake, tarantula, spiders, chameleon or other arborial critters.
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Fluker's Repta-Waterer for Reptiles and Small Animals - 5 oz

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  • Package Dimensions: 13.462 H x 9.144 L x 11.43 W (centimeters)
  • Durable, thick-wall construction and a wide anti-tip base
  • Package Weight: 0.045 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : China

MRTIOO Enhanced Crested Gecko Feeding Ledge, Reptile Food Bowls and Water Dish for Lizard Or Other Small Pet Amphibian Feeder Ledge Accessories Supplies, with 30 pcs 0.5oz Food Cups

$8.99  in stock
as of September 17, 2023 2:15 am


  • 【Strong Fixation】 This Ledge Not using suction cups to hold, But Uses Strong Traceless Sticker Screws Hooks As Support, After installation will not fall off, Won't moves back and forth or swayed, Strong bearing capacity. Sticks to the glass inside their cage very well, Don't worry about small pets climbing up and the whole thing would fall over, avoid injury, and is very safe for animals. It also gives small pets another spot to hang, able to move around to get him active more.
  • 【Safe Materials】 The Feeder is Made of High Quality Acrylic Material, Durable, Eco-friendly and Odorless, Easy to Clean and Reuse. And the cups The unique transparent material, Give your critters a clear view of the food in the bowl to entice them to eat. It is also convenient for you to add water or food at the right time. Suitable for Feeding Feed and Water for Small Animals, and also Great for creatures that don't like to eat on the ground.
  • 【Perfect Fit】 These 0.5 oz cups have been upgraded and specially manufactured to fit perfectly on our store's feeding ledge. Suitable for Crested geckos, Lizards, Frogs, Skink, Cricket, Cresties, Tarantulas, Chameleon, Cockroaches, Velvet ants, Black beetles, Geckos, Darkling beetles, Lguana, snake, Hermit crabs, Spiders and other Reptile Amphibian small animals, the size is just right.
  • 【Caring Service】We Give You 30pcs 0.5 oz Gecko Food Cups for Free, This feeding ledge also fits our 1 oz cups and metal cups, You Can Also Search B09VDJR214 or B09WK448QN in Our Store to Find Feeding Cups of Suitable Size or Material for Long-term Replacement. (Reminder: The pictures are for reference only, bread worms are not included in the products sold). We also provide related accessories 【Strong Traceless Sticker Screws Hooks】 for you to replace, please search for B0B1BR5CRY in our store.
  • 【Easy Installation】 1.Determine the Right Height, Attach the Sticker on the Cleaned Glass or Acrylic Surface First. 2.put the Feeder Ledge on the Thread Rod, Adjust to the appropriate direction and angle (both sides can be). 3. Screw the Nut Onto the Thread Rod to Tighten It. 4.Finally Put the Feeding Cup On. It is recommended to add food after 30 minutes to ensure that the feeder is more stable.
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1. Choosing the Right Storage Tank

The right storage tank is vital to the wellness of your gecko. You want to pick a tank that is sizable sufficient for your family pet to walk around, yet not so large that it makes it difficult for them to locate their food or water. A storage tank with a display top is also crucial to allow for proper ventilation. When picking your storage tank, make sure to take into consideration the size of your gecko– larger geckos will need bigger containers– and also the kind of gecko you own, as some types choose different atmospheres.

2. Lighting and also Heating

Geckos require both heat and also light to grow. You will require to give your family pet with a heat resource– such as a heat pad or lamp– to imitate their natural surroundings. The temperature level needs to be kept between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day as well as around 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the evening. Geckos also require a UVB bulb to mimic natural sunlight. This will assist with the absorption of calcium, which is vital to their health and wellness.

3. Substrate

The substrate, or bedding product, in your gecko’s storage tank is also vital. A substratum that is also completely dry can cause losing troubles, while a substratum that is as well damp can develop mold and mildew and microorganisms. A great alternative for substratum is reptile carpeting or coconut fiber. This will certainly not only offer a great atmosphere for your gecko yet is simple to keep as well as tidy.

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4. Decors

Including designs to your gecko’s container not just produces a much more aesthetically pleasing environment but likewise helps to stimulate their natural behaviors. Geckos like to climb up as well as hide, so including branches, rocks, as well as other climbing up frameworks will certainly keep them entertained. You can likewise include plants, such as pothos or serpent plants, which are risk-free for geckos as well as help with air top quality.

5. Feeding

Lastly, feeding your gecko is an crucial part of their care. Geckos are insectivores and also need a diet plan of online pests such as crickets or mealworms. It’s important to just feed your gecko the proper size of bugs– as well large and it could cause digestive concerns. Online food must be cleaned with calcium powder and vitamin D3 to guarantee correct nutrition.


There you have it, the essential elements of developing the very Crested Gecko Tank With Running Water gecko tank. Remember, the right storage tank with proper illumination and heating, substratum, decorations, and also feeding will keep your gecko happy as well as healthy. Owning a gecko is a gratifying experience and with the ideal treatment, you will have a terrific buddy for many years to come.

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