Whisker Automatic Feeder

As cat owners, we understand the relevance of feeding our furry pals with the very best feasible food and at the correct time. Nonetheless, not all of us have the time as well as power to feed our felines manually, which is where Whisker Automatic Feeder can be found in helpful. In this blog site, we will go over the various types of Whisker Automatic Feeder offered out there and also assist you find the very best one for your feline pal.

Whisker Automatic Feeder – Complete Review And Acquiring Guide

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  • WIFI-ENABLED AUTOMATIC FEEDING: Never miss a feeding and ensure your cat or dog gets the right amount of food on time, every time. Feeder-Robot features anti-jam technology, food backup detection + a built-in backup battery to prevent missed meals.
  • MONITOR + CONTROL VIA APP: Using the Whisker app, feed your pet from anywhere and track your pet's eating habits with the history feature. Customize feeding schedules and promote healthier habits for your pet with portion-controlled meals.
  • SUITABLE FOR CATS AND DOGS: The grey hopper holds up to 32 cups of dry or semi-moist cat or dog kibble. The feeder dispenses up to 1/2 cup of pet food in 1/8-cup increments, 1 to 8 times per day. Schedule meals through the app or use gravity mode.
  • PET-FRIENDLY SMART FEEDER: BPA-free plastics and a chew-resistant power cord make this a pet-friendly appliance, while removable parts allow for easy cleaning.
  • DESIGNED & ASSEMBLED IN THE USA FOR 20 YEARS: Whisker is the leading innovator in pet technology and refined pet accessories. Our US-based customer service team is best reached directly via the Whisker website.

PortionPro Rx Automatic Pet Feeder (for Both Cats and Dogs) - Prevents Food Stealing and Delivers Scheduled Meals

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  • Ideal for single and multi-pet households looking to automate feeding schedules, control portions to prevent or reverse pet obesity, eliminate food stealing, and better manage pets with prescription diets. (One feeder per pet recommended)
  • Our NEW tag design incorporates a user replaceable battery as well as a NEW Zip-Tie collar mount!
  • We suggest rather than the D-ring, you use the zip-tie option to affix the tag to the collar. (This keeps the tag up and out of water bowls, and it is a more secure method of mounting the tag)
  • PATENTED RFID TAG SYSTEM FOR ACCESS CONTROL: *Does not work with standard microchips* assigns the right pet with the right access at the right time. Our tags have longer range recognition than microchips. (If you are purchasing less feeders than there are pets in the home, we recommend purchasing additional tags to ensure proper access control.)
  • PORTION CONTROL: Each feeder can be customized to measure and serve the proper portions for your assigned pet. The food bin holds 32 cups of DRY KIBBLE, feeding as little as 1/2 cup all the way up to 6 cups per day, automatically divides the daily amount into 2, 4, or 6 meals per day for cats and 2 or 3 meals per day for dogs.
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Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Feeder

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  • Diet Access Control Feeder Includes 2 Wireless Tags and AC Adapter

Triple Cat Bowls,15°Tilt 3-in-1 Water Feeder Bowls Cat Double Food Bowls with Automatic Water Bottle Bowl, Whisker Friendly Wet and Dry Cat Elevated Feeding Dishes for Small Cat and Puppy (Pink)

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  • 【3 in 1 cat bowl】3-in-1 automatic water bowl and feeding bowl set, two plastic cat and dog food bowls can hold dry cat and dog food and wet cat and dog food respectively, and the water bowl with splash cover can prevent wet mouth.
  • 【Safe material】Cat water and food bowl made of food grade PP material, non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable. Pets will not cause any harm during eating.
  • 【Automatic water refill】Siphon principle, automatic water supply, 17 ounces capacity is enough for your pet to drink for 3-5 days. The sink separator is reduced by wetting the pet's hair when drinking water, and it can also keep the water clean.
  • 【15° tilt design】The range of inclination of cat food distribution is 0-15°, which reduces the pressure on the vertebrae when pets eat. Adjust the cat bowl to an appropriate angle to give pets a more comfortable eating experience!
  • 【Removable for cleaning】Humanized separation design, detachable parts, simple structure, no clean dead corners. You can remove the two transparent bowls and the splash-proof cover for cleaning to ensure the cleanliness of the water bowl.
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Automatic Cat Feeders, Katalic 16.9cup/140.8oz Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, 4 Meals Daily with 20 Portion Control, Automatic Pet Feeder for Dog & Cat, Dual Power Supply, Voice Recorder Timed Feeder

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  • Programmable Feeding Times: The automated cat feeders allows you to schedule 4 meals in advance, up to 20 portions of pet food at a customized time with 0-20 portions setting per meal (14g ± 3g). Katalic automated cat food dispenser takes care of your cat's mealtime, so you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and stress-free mornings.
  • Clog-free & High-Capacity Food Storage: With a generous 4L/16.9 Cup food storage with a scheduled feeding for 2-3 weeks. At the same time pet feeder keeps food fresh and delicious for every meal. Perfect for long weekends and short business trips, providing you with peace of mind for a happy and well-fed pet.
  • Voice Record Meal Call: Record up to 10 seconds of your voice for mealtime calls. Let your cat hear your voice when it’s mealtime to create a strong bond and set good eating habits. (Manual Feeding Function: Press the "Feed" button to give your pet extra rewards) Personalized recording of timed cat feeder makes your pet feel safer!
  • Detachable Stainless Steel Bowl: Cat feeder automatic features a food-grade, odor-free, and safe stainless steel bowl. Say goodbye to plastic products, protecting your pet from allergic reactions and ensuring their well-being. Easily clean and maintain removable parts for a hygienic environment for your pet's food.
  • Reliable Backup & Unleash the Outdoors: Say goodbye to worries about power outages! Automatic pet feeder is wall-powered and/or battery-powered. 3 D-size batteries (not included) provide the necessary backup power. Your pet will stay well-fed even during power outages and you to place it outdoors as well. Whether it's your energetic dog or other outdoor pets, they can now enjoy scheduled feedings without any hassle.
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WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder, 5L Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, FT70 Plus Timed Cat Feeder 6 Meals Daily with Portion Control, Automatic Dog Feeder with Dual Power Supply for Dog & Cat

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  • 【Effortless Customized Feeding】No more early mornings to feed your pet! With WOPET automatic cat feeder, easily set up to 6 meals per day with 1-8 portions for each meal.
  • 【5L Storage Capacity】Our automatic dog feeder can store 21 cups of food, keeping most pets comfortably fed for several days. Suitable for kibble sizes within 2-15mm.
  • 【Dual Power Supply】This auto cat feeder supports both AC power and battery power (batteries not included), ensuring continuous operation even during power outages.
  • 【Stay Connected with Your Pet】Customize a 10-second voice recording to call your pets to their meals. Your familiar voice will make them feel safe and cared for, as if you're right there with them.
  • 【Easy to Clean】Designed for thorough cleaning while effectively locking in freshness, our cat automatic feeders have a detachable structure for healthier feeding conditions.

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, 5G WiFi Pet Feeder with Freshness Preservation, Timed Cat Feeders for Dry Food, Up to 48 Portions 10 Meals Per Day, Granary Pet Feeder for Cat/Dog, WiFi Black

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  • Smart APP Control: Wi-Fi fully automatic cat food dispenser is 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi-enabled allowing you to program your pet's meals anywhere anytime through the PETLIBRO App on your iOS or Android smartphone. Also, you can also check the daily food intake and meal times of the fur child through the log on the App.
  • Never Miss A Meal: Easily schedule up to 10 meals per day with 1-48 portions per meal (1/12 cup each portion), you can easily customize your furry friend's feeding plan and check the feeding records to ensure your cat or dog has been fed on a set schedule by the APP.
  • Personalized Meal Call: Record a voice message for up to 10 seconds that plays for each feeding, and freely set the times the meal call play, so your pet can feel your care even when you're not at home. Not only that, but the thoughtful device provides you with the ability to record up to 10 customized meal calls and adjust the volume to your needs!
  • Freshness in Every Bite: Patent rotor in the tank base and twist-lock lid prevent pets sneaking into the food dispenser for extra food. Built-in desiccant bag and sealing strip keep food fresh and crunchy. Food-grade stainless steel bowl provides healthy and hygienic feeding, saving your pets from chin acne.
  • Smart Notifications and Indicators: Your phone receives notifications and the machine’s indicators also lights up red when the food tank is empty, food gets jammed, the battery is low, or has other problems. The infrared sensor keeps checking and stops food dispensing if the food outlet is blocked.
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1. Automatic Cat Feeders (Whisker Automatic Feeder )

you’re a busy feline owner who intends to ensure your family pet is fed consistently and also on time, consider using an automatic cat feeder. These feeders have a digital timer that can be set to give food at specific times of the day. Some models also have section control includes to prevent too much consuming. You can likewise tape your voice and have it play during feeding time to attract your feline.

2. Gravity Pet Cat Feeders (Whisker Automatic Feeder )

Gravity cat feeders are a wonderful option for feline owners that want their family pets to have food throughout the day. The feeders dispense food right into the dish through the force of gravity while your pet cat eats. They are effortless to wash as well as can hold a sufficient quantity of food, that makes them a ideal choice for family pet owners with multiple felines or expanded job hrs.

3. Interactive Pet Cat Feeders (Whisker Automatic Feeder )

feline feeders are indicated to make mealtime more satisfying and psychologically difficult for your cat. They are available in different forms and types, consisting of puzzle feeders, treat dispensers, and slow-feeders. Their function is to maintain your feline amused and stop them from coming to be burnt out while waiting on their food.

4. Ceramic Feline Feeders

you’re fretted about the safety of plastic bowls for your cat, you may like ceramic pet cat feeders. These feeders are crafted from excellent ceramic products and are readily available in various designs as well as sizes. They’re additionally dishwasher-safe and simple to clean.

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5. Smart Pet Cat Feeders (Whisker Automatic Feeder )

tech-savvy pet cat proprietors, clever feline feeders are the ideal choice as they include both automated as well as interactive attributes. These feeders can integrate with your smartphone, allowing you to customize feeding routines, control section sizes, and also track your cat’s eating patterns. Some versions even have built-in video cameras permitting you to watch your cat’s mealtime from afar.

How to clean up a Whisker Automatic Feeder

make certain that your pet cat is consuming healthy and tidy food, it is necessary to regularly clean the Whisker Automatic Feeder . You can do this by taking the feeder apart, separating the items, and cleaning them with warm soapy water. After washing, thoroughly wash the items and enable them to air completely dry. When completely dry, you can place the feeder back together to maintain your feline’s food meals in good condition.


Selecting the most effective Whisker Automatic Feeder for your pet cat can be frustrating, as there are a variety of alternatives offered in the marketplace. Nevertheless, knowing your pet cat’s feeding practices, way of living, and also choices can assist you limit your selections. the right cat feeder relies on your particular needs. If you have a hectic timetable, an automatic feeder could be ideal for you. If you have greater than one cat, a gravity feeder might be more suitable. If you intend to offer psychological excitement during dishes, take into consideration an interactive feeder. For health-conscious animal owners, ceramic feeders are the means to go. And for those who desire full control over their pet cat’s feeding routines, clever feeders are a great alternative. We hope this info aids you choose the best feeder for your pet cat.