Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats

One of the largest duties of being a feline owner is feeding your feline close friend. However exactly how can you make sure that your feline obtains the necessary nourishment without overfeeding or leaving them hungry? Thankfully, there are innovative Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats available on the market that can aid you deal with this concern. As a cat proprietor, it is very important to pick the very best Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats that fulfills your felines’ requirements. In this blog post, you’ll discover the leading cat-feeding alternatives offered in the marketplace today.

Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats – Total Evaluation And Purchasing Guide

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  • ❤️Spoil Your fur Baby: Rellorus pet feeder can be set up to 6 meals per day and 1-48 portions per meal (8g/0.28oz each portion), customized a healthy diet for your pets. The cat feeder also equipped with a “Feed Now” option to easily reward your pet and give an extra meal.
  • ❤️Long-Lasting Feeding: With a food storage capacity of 5L/21 Cups, this automatic cat feeder can provide long-lasting feeding for most pets for several weeks. The double bowl pet food dispenser is a perfect solution to feed 2 cats at same time and won' t have any fights.
  • ❤️Voice Record Meal Call: The auto cat feeder allows you to record a 10s short voice message for mealtime to create a strong bond and makes your pets fed regularly, feeling safe with well cared even when you’re absent. Due to the setting lock of the LCD screen, pets can’t play with or mess up programming.
  • ❤️Dual Power Protection: The cat food dispenser works with a 5V DC adapter, also stores three D-size batteries (NOT included) as a backup power supply. With a memory function, even an unexpected power outage won't interrupt the feeder's programming and deprive your furry friend of dinner. Giving you more holiday flexibility.
  • ❤️Safe and Reliable Feeder: A desiccant bag and the secure lock lid not only keeps the food fresh but also prevents your pet from accessing stored food. The detachable design allows a thorough cleaning to reduce bacterial growth, makes your life easier and pets healthier.

Voluas Automatic Cat Feeders for Two Cats, Double Pet Feeder with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls,6L Timed Cat Feeder with Memory Function, Pet Food Dish

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2 new from $55.49
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as of September 7, 2023 6:15 pm


  • The Optimal Choice: If your cat has learned the place where you keep the kibbles and treats, with the Voluas dry food dispenser, your little thief will never indulge as it pleases in the cat food! This double cat feeder is completely automatic and dispenses food at scheduled times, supporting a balanced and healthy diet for your cats.
  • Designed for Two Cats: Our kibble dispenser features a double design equipped with a meal divider, 2 stainless steel bowls and holders. The feeder dispenses food in the 2 bowls at the same time, saving you time with food preparation while encouraging a regular meal schedule.
  • Equal and Precise Food Portions: This pet feeder automatic distributes equal amounts of food to make sure both of your cats get the same meal size. The dispenser has a capacity of 6l and you can set up to 4 meals per day where each meal can be set up to 40 servings (1 serving – 0.264oz).
  • Smart Functions: The cat feeding station features has a 10-second message recording function and a timer function to help you schedule regular meals for your furry friends. It also has a memory function that prevents your meal schedule from getting lost when the power is off.
  • Safe and Reliable Cat Feeder: This cat food dispenser automatic is pet-proof, featuring a locked top cover and a screen security lock to make sure your pets won’t get their food until the scheduled time. Also, the feeder has an anti-clogging system to make sure the food is delivered without any inconvenience.
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HoneyGuaridan Automatic Cat Feeder for Two Cats,3.5L Cat Food Dispenser with Stainless Steel Bowl,Timed Cat Feeder Programmable 1-6 Meals Control, Dual Power Supply,Desiccant Bag,10s Meal Call(White)

$64.99  in stock
as of September 7, 2023 6:15 pm


  • [Unique Dual Side Equal Feeding] HoneyGuaridan Dual Cat Automatic Feeder achieve equal distribution of pet food on both sides, effectively avoiding uneven feeding. The left and right feeding design provides a quiet feeding environment for your pets. You no longer have to worry about your pets competing for food.
  • [Multiple Sealing Keeps Food Fresh] The rubber seal between the lid and the container of the automatic feeder effectively insulates the air to prevent the food from oxidizing and prevents the smell of your pet's food from escaping. There is also a desiccant bag on the lid to dehumidify and prevent moisture. The unique sealed revolving door design in the feeder automatically closes the feeding port after each feeding is completed, preventing ants and insects from entering
  • [Fixed Time Quantitative Flexible Feeding] 3.5L Double Cat Automatic Feeder with soft silicone buttons makes it easy to plan to feed your dog or cat 1-6 times a day, with 0-24 servings per feeding. With a flexible, healthy and sensible feeding schedule, your pets can develop good eating habits and also stay away from obesity and other diseases. Ideal for families with multiple pets.
  • [Easy to operate, easy to disassemble and wash] The automatic feeder is easy to set up and you can set up a feeding schedule in minutes. The top cover, clear food bucket and stainless steel bowl can be removed from the main unit and cleaned with water. In addition to the main unit, other parts of the cat feeder should be cleaned regularly to provide a clean and healthy feeding environment for your pet.
  • [Dual Power Supply ] The timed cats feeder can be powered by USB power adapter and 3 alkaline D-size batteries (NOT Included). Once the feeding schedule is set, it is repeated every day. In the event of a power outage, the automatic feeder will automatically switch to battery power. For safety reasons, it is recommended to use Battery power sources. Battery alone can supply power for 200 days.No need to worry about your pet going hungry while you are away.
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Garfeur Automatic Cat Feeders, Pet Food Dispenser with Memory Function, 21Cups/5L Timed Cat Feeder for Two Cats, 48 Portions 6 Meals Per Day for Cat and Dog, 2023 Upgrade

$59.77  in stock
as of September 7, 2023 6:15 pm


  • Feed Around the Clock: Easily set up to 6 meals per day and 1-48 portions per meal (7g/0.23oz per portion), customizing a feeding schedule that works best for your pet's needs. The auto feeder also includes a "Feed Now" feature, which allows you to give your pets an extra meal whenever necessary.
  • 2023 Upgrade Memory Function: No need to worry about resetting the current time and meal schedule every time when the power goes out (Please set the current time at the first use). With a food storage capacity of 5L/21 Cups, this pet food dispenser can provide long-lasting feeding for most pets for several weeks.
  • No Food Clogging: Garfeur automatic pet feeder optimized a patented internal food dispensing structure to prevent clogging and ensure that your cat won't be starved. Designed with a screen lock button to stop pets from changing controls.
  • Healthy and Convenient Life: To reduce bacterial growth, the food hopper, food tray, tank base, and 2 stainless steel bowls of the feeder are completely removable for quick easy cleaning. The desiccant bag and secure lock lid keep food fresh and prevent your pets from accessing the stored food.
  • Rest Easy When You are Outside: Record a 10-second voice message for mealtime, which helps strengthen the bond with your pets and ensures that they are fed regularly, even when you're not around.

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Food Dispenser for Two Cats 5L Auto Cat Feeder Dry Food Dispenser with Splitter & 2 Stainless Bowls, 10s Meal Call and Timer Setting 50 Portions 6 Meals Per Day, Black

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as of September 7, 2023 6:15 pm


  • Feed Two Cats: PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder for two cats comes with an adjustable meal splitter. The unique movable meal splitter ensures food is distributed evenly, and the size of the portions can be adjusted to suit the needs of different cats and dogs. You can be sure your pets won’t have any fights.
  • Freshness in Every Bite: Granary automatic cat feeder including desiccant bag, sealing strip and patented rotor, lock the freshness to keep food fresh and crunchy. Built-in infrared sensor inside the food outlet keeps checking and stops food dispensing if the food outlet is blocked.
  • Easy to Set up and Program: PETLIBRO timed cat feeder can set 1-6 meals daily and up to 50 portions per meal (20ml each portion). Use the easy-to-read tilt LED panel to adjust your pet's feeding schedule and monitor battery power. The Granary auto cat feeder is also equipped with a manual feeding button to easily reward your pet (up to 5 portions).
  • Personalized Meal Call: Stay close with your pet even you're not at home. PETLIBRO Automatic pet feeder can record a 10-second message, and the number of recordings played can be individually set from 0-5 times, so your pet won't disturb your sleep while your pet eating in the middle of the night.
  • Dual Power Supply: Easily monitor the food level through the transparent window and add food in time. Besides the 5V USB adaptor, this automatic dog feeder also has a battery backup system that will ensure that your pets are fed even if the power in your house goes out.
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Yuposl Automatic Cat Feeders for 2-2L 2Packs, Over 180-day Battery Life Schedual Timed Pet Feeder, Automatic Dog Feeder 1-6 Meals Control, with Two Stainless Bowls,Pet Food Dispenser Dry Food

$59.99  in stock
as of September 7, 2023 6:15 pm


  • 【Timed and Dosed Feeding】You can set portions per feeding and set the 1-6 meals for your pets, our feeder can fully solve your feeding needs, even if you are away from work. Giving your pet a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • 【Keeps fresh effectively】2Packs 2L/8 Cups Capacity to Ensure the Freshness of Pets’ feeder effectively insulates the air through the soft rubber rotor, and the upper part keeps the food fully fresh by strengthening the seal of the top lid and using desiccant.
  • 【Dual Power Stable Supply】Our feeder powered by 3 D-size alkaline batteries (Not Included) can provide more than 180 days of using, allowing you to easily place it anywhere in the room, and you can fully escape from hassle of messy cables. of course feeder also supports wall power supply, giving you full flexibility and convenience.
  • 【Say No to Naughty Paws 】Your pets are receiving the right amount of food at the right times, without any risk of overeating or stealing extra portions. Say goodbye to greedy pets!
  • 【Suitable Two or more Pets】Small, cute and doesn't take up much space. Each pet can have its own dedicated automatic feeder.Multiple feeders to separate multiple pets without waiting and fighting for food.It helps you feed your pets more healthy and freely.

Espelho Elevated Automatic Cat Feeders for 2 Cats, 5L Timed Cat Food Dispenser with 2-Way Splitter & 2 Stainless Steel Bowls Programmable Pet Feeder for Cats & Dogs 10S Voice Recorder

$55.99  in stock
as of September 7, 2023 6:15 pm


  • Feeding Multiple Pets at The Same Time: Espelho upgrade cat feeder automatic for 2 cats comes with a 2-way splitter and double stainless steel food bowls, can feed your multiple pets at the same time, the double food dispenser is the perfect solution to ensure your pets are feed on time and won' t have any fights. You can also assemble it into a single bowl cat automatic feeder as you like.
  • 3 Adjustable Height: Espelho automatic cat feeders 2 cat comes with short riser(1 inch) & tall riser(2 inch), raise the height of the food bowl according to each stage of the pet's growth. Compared to pet food bowls on the ground, raised food bowl is great for developing healthy eating postures for small cats and dogs, as well as beneficial for large dogs by helping them eat upright and correct their posture, overall making swallowing much comfortable and promoting food digestion.
  • Flexible Meal Scheduling: Espelho automatic pet feeder for two cats inbuilt LCD screen allows for quick setup, can be programmed up to 4 meals every day at scheduled times, and up to 9 portions per meal(1/8 cup/2 tbsp each portion), which can help your pet develop a good eating habit. The cat feeder automatic extra nice is the "Feed" button which allows you to quickly dispense more food outside of the feeding schedule you have set.
  • 10s Personalized Recordings: This pet feeder automatic allows you to record a short message that automatically replays during food times, thus enhancing the bond with your pet by keeping it fed regularly and feel safe & well cared. When a new voice recording is done, the old one will be deleted automatically.
  • Freshness in Every Bite: The auto cat feeder comes with a desiccant bag can effectively absorb moisture(Search "B0BG3Z6XX6" for replacement). In addition, with patented rotor in the bottom of the tank and the secure twist-lock lid, the multiple cat feeder uses triple seal lock the freshness to keep food fresh, yummy and crunchy.
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1. Gravity feeders Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats :

the commonly available cat-feeding choices out there is the gravity feeder. As its name suggests, this feeder operates on gravity as well as includes a hopper and also a dish. The receptacle holds the food, while the bowl is located below it. As your pet cat eats, the food is immediately refilled by gravity. The major benefit of a gravity feeder is that it is uncomplicated, allowing your feline to eat when they seem like it, with no limitations. However, these feeders have a number of downsides, that include bring in parasites, food getting stagnant, as well as overfeeding.

2. Digital Feeders Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats :

feeders have actually brought a incredible adjustment in the pet industry by giving sophisticated attributes. Section control, programmable feeding times, as well as customized feeding timetables are the prominent features of electronic feeders. You can predetermined the quantity of food you desire your pet cat to consume, and the feeder will certainly dispense it automatically. These feeders are excellent for families with multiple pet cats as they cater to specific feeding preferences. Although digital feeders are costlier than gravity feeders, their sophisticated features make them a beneficial investment.

3. Slow Feeders Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats :

you have a feline that eats as well quickly, you can use slow feeders to assist reduce them down. These feeders are specifically made to assist with food digestion and also stop your pet cat from eating too fast. The gradual dispensing of food in slow-feeders shows your feline to eat at a slower speed. Slow feeders come in various types, such as interactive, puzzle, and puzzle, which provide a opportunity for your feline to engage in mental and also physical activity while consuming.

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4. Integrated Circuit Feeders Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats :

chip feeders are a valuable tool for handling the diet as well as medicine of cats. These feeders determine the feline that requires to be fed using their integrated circuit or RFID collar tag, which prevents other pet cats in your house from taking food and makes certain the correct amount of food is eaten by the ideal feline. Utilizing silicon chip feeders additionally permits you to check your feline’s food intake, helping to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

5. Damp Food Dispensers Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats :

et food dispensers are a fantastic choice if you like to give your pet cat damp food. They can keep and also distribute wet food utilizing a timed-release system, maintaining it fresh and free of insects. These dispensers have many benefits, including section control, portable layout, and also very easy cleaning.

Where to purchase a Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats ?

Cat feeders can be acquired in pet shops, online stores like, and also specialty shops that offer animal products. Some large retail chains additionally lug them. Prices vary based upon the kind as well as functions of the feeder. When searching for a feeder, it is necessary to understand the dimension of your feline’s dish as all feeders are not made to fit the very same dimension. Make certain to check for security functions on the feeder to keep your cat risk-free while using it.


Picking the ideal Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats is vital to make sure that your feline gets proper nourishment without eating way too much. Each cat feeder has its own set of advantages and attributes, so it’s essential to select the best one for your feline. Take into consideration your cat’s consuming habits, age, and also wellness conditions before choosing a Timed Cat Feeder For Two Cats . The very best cat feeder should give ample nourishment, portion control, ease, easy to tidy as well as preserve, and also be safe for your pet cat to make use of. With the ideal pet cat feeder, you can rest assured that your feline good friend gets to appreciate their dishes while keeping a healthy weight and also way of life.

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