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As cat owners, we understand the value of feeding our hairy close friends with the most effective possible food and at the right time. However, not everybody have the moment and also energy to feed our felines manually, which is where Petkit Cat Feeder come in convenient. In this blog site, we will talk about the various kinds of Petkit Cat Feeder offered in the marketplace as well as help you discover the best one for your feline pal.

Petkit Cat Feeder – Full Review And Also Purchasing Overview

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  • Remote App Control: Transform your pet's feeding routine into a hassle-free experience with the PETKIT automatic cat feeder. With its convenient remote app control and monitoring feature, you can easily customize a feeding planfrom the comfort of your iOS or Android smartphone, and keep track of their feeding records to ensure they're always well-fed. Simply connect to WiFi (2.4GHz) networks and use the PETKIT app to schedule up to 10 meals per day, with up to 1/2 cup per meal.
  • Advanced Fresh Lock Technology: Equipped with a precise and smart rotor in the tank base, it ensures accurate food delivery, while the auto-shut dispense exit guarantees a mess-free feeding experience. With a top pet-proof lock in place, you can rest assured that your sneaky pets won't be able to steal any extra food. Plus, the built-in desiccant bag and enhanced sealing strip work together to prevent moisture and keep the food dry and fresh for longer.
  • Greater Food Compatibility Without Blockage: PETKIT pet feeder is equipped with a larger food dispensing container and advanced impeller for a smooth and consistent food dispensing experience. Whether you prefer dry pet food, air-dried, or freeze-dried pet food(kibble
  • 304 Stainless Steel Bowl: Give your furry friend the gift of healthy and hygienic feeding with our premium-grade stainless steel bowl. Crafted with food-grade materials, it ensures your pet's well-being and helps prevent chin acne.
  • Up to 15 Days of Feeding: 101oz (3L) large capacity is estimated for storing 1.33kg (2.9lbs) food, which is 15 days of feeding an adult cat.
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PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder, 2.4GHz WiFi Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs Smart Pet Dry Food Dispenser, Up to 10 Meals per Day, Low Food Reminder, App Control

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as of September 7, 2023 5:15 pm


  • Remote App Control: This PETKIT automatic cat feeder can connect to 2.4GHz WiFi network. Monitor your device and check the feeding status anytime anywhere through the PETKIT App on your smartphone. Customize your feeding plan by App, schedule up to 10 meals per day, dispense 1 to 10 portions per meal. Manual feeding button is also available, your cats and dogs will never miss a meal.
  • Freshness in Every Bite: Multiple fresh lock system keeps food dry and fresh. Silicone sealed door to insulate the air and prevent food oxidation, built-in desiccant box to keep food dry and avoid moisture. Food grade #304 stainless steel food bowl provides clean and healthy feeding, saving your pets from chin acne.
  • Smart LED Indicator and Notification: Built-in weight sensor will detect food level, when the food level is low, the indicator light will be constant and your phone will receive a notification.When the device is connected to the internet, the WiFi indication light is on constant. (The Wifi indicator is on the top of the device, the food level indicator is above the food outlt door.)
  • Never Get Stuck: Enhanced flexible impleller and improved dispense mechanism to eliminate stuck risk, never get stuck to ensure consistent feeding.(Please Note: Compatible with dry pet food kibble < 0.47in/12mm only.)
  • Safe and Large Capacity: Food grade #304 stainless steel feeding bowl and BPA free ABS food container help prevent any safety risk. 96oz/2.85L large capacity can hold about 3.3 lbs pet food, which can feed an adult cat for up to 15 days. This PETKIT automatic cat dog feeder will be operated with backup battery (Batteries are not inclued).

PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeders, Pet Dry Food Dispenser Triple Preservation, Stainless Steel Smart Feeder, Schedule Feeding 5-200g Portions 10 Meals Per Day, Fresh Element Infinity for Cats/Dogs

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as of September 7, 2023 5:15 pm


  • Never Miss A Meal: With this PETKIT automatic pet feeder you will never need to feed your fur babies at the early morning or midnight! Easily schedule up to 10 meals per day and 5-200g of food per meal, you can easily customize your furry friend's feeding plan via the PETKIT App(Connect through 2.4GHz Wifi Only) on your smartphone. Also, manual feeding is available, press the button to feed immediately. Dual Power Mode, coming with a 5V USB adapter, the feeder also can be powered by back-up battery in case of power failure.
  • Always Keep Fresh and Dry: Desiccant box, sealed door, and sealing strip, the triple-lock fresh system effectively prevents from getting moisture in to keep your pet's food dry and fresh. This Fresh Element Infinity smart pet food dispenser helps lock in the freshness for every bite and keeps pets from getting extra food. And with great food compatibility, this scheduled cat feeder is compatible with dry food, freeze-dried food (kibble
  • Personalized Meal Call: Built-in personalized 20-second voice recording system allows your pet to hear your voice during mealtime. Stay close to your pet even if you're not at home.
  • Smart Sensors Detection: The built-in weight sensor measures accurately rest food in the feeding bowl, you will know more clearly about the amount of food dispensed and your pets eating. The motion sensor above the feeding bowl will detect the approaching of pets and let the pet's owner know, maybe your fur baby needs snacks. The infrared sensor detects automatically the rest of food, and the PETKIT app will remind you the food shortage.
  • Say Goodbay to Getting Stuck: The generation 2 enhanced impeller and a larger dispenser chute ensure that the food never gets stuck. Auto-rotating bowl prevents overloaded food and food stucking, every grain falls evenly and decently.
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Automatic Cat Feeder, Smart Pet Food Dispenser with APP Control,WiFi Enabled Automatic Feeder for Dogs, Cats & Small Pets, Double Stainless Steel Bowls,6 Meals Portion Control and Voice Recording

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  • 【Smart Feeding Setting】The automatic feeder supports APP for IOS and Android systems. First, connect the automatic cat feeder to Wi-Fi, and then you can make a feeding plan through the mobile phone APP and remotely control and feed your pet. The operation is simple, in addition, the feeding plan can be manually set on the feeder without the network.
  • 【4L Standard Capacity】The 4L pet feeder can store 1.6kg of pet food and can feed cats and small dogs for 15-20 days. The standard capacity ensures that your pet can eat even when you are not at home. You no longer have to worry about your pet starving at home alone when you are on a short trip or working late at night.
  • 【Flexible Meal Scheduling】The Cat Feeder can be programmed up to 6 meals a day at scheduled times, and every meal has from 1 to 48 portions of 0.28 oz (about 1/16 cup)per meal for 1 portion, which can help your pet develop a good eating habit.WellToBe automatic feeder is very suitable for pet owners who like to make strict meal plans for their pets. With it, owners no longer have to worry about their cute cats and dogs becoming obese because of overeating.
  • 【10s Recording Reminder】With the newly upgraded recording settings, you can record up to 10s of personalized voice reminders. This message will be played every time a feeding is allocated, calling your cat to eat on time. You can also turn off the sound of the recorder so that your pet will have a good night's sleep on the weekend.
  • 【Dual Power Supply】The WellToBe automatic cat feeder is powered by a power adapter and 4 D-size batteries. Even if the power supply is unexpectedly cut off or the adapter is suddenly disconnected from the power supply, it can still use batteries to continue working.(Batteries are NOT included)
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PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, 5G WiFi Pet Feeder for Two Cats & Dogs with Remote Control, 5L Automatic Cat Feeders with Low Food Sensor, 1-10 Meals Per Day, Up to 10s Meal Call for Pets

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as of September 7, 2023 5:15 pm


  • Convenient APP Control: WiFi automatic cat feeder can connect to 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi network. Program and monitor your pet's meals anywhere anytime through the PETLIBRO LITE App on your iOS or Android smartphone. You can set up to 10 meals per day with 1-50 portions per meal. You can check the feeding records to ensure your cat or dog has been fed on a set schedule by APP and also can be controlled from multiple family members’ smartphones.
  • Feed Two Cats: PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder for two cats comes with an adjustable meal splitter. The unique movable meal splitter ensures food is distributed evenly, and the size of the portions can be adjusted to suit the needs of different cats and dogs. You can be sure your pets won’t have any fights.
  • Smart Notifications and Indicators: Your phone receives notifications and the machine’s indicators also lights up red when the food tank is empty, food gets jammed, the battery is low, or has other problems. The infrared sensor keeps checking and stops food dispensing if the food outlet is blocked.
  • Record a Meal Call for Your Pet: Record a voice message up to 10 seconds that plays for each feeding, and freely set the times the meal call play, your pet can feel your care even when you're not at home. When a new voice recording is done, the old one will be deleted automatically.
  • Freshness in Every Bite: Patent rotor in the tank base and twist-lock lid prevent pets sneaking into the food dispenser for extra food. The automatic cat food dispenser has a built-in desiccant bag and seals strip to keep food fresh and crispy. Food-grade stainless steel bowl provides healthy and hygienic feeding, saving your pets from chin acne.
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PETKIT Replaced Desiccant for All Smart Feeders -5 Packs, Replacement Desiccant Bags for Automatic Pet Feeders Cat Dog Feeders Desiccant Bag

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as of September 7, 2023 5:15 pm


  • Suitable for all kinds of petkit smart feeder.
  • Odorless, high moisture absorption, used for moisture-proof and fresh-keeping of pet food or other items that need to be protected from moisture .
  • 5pcs/pack.

PETKIT Fresh Nano Replaced Stainless Steel Bowls (2PCS)

 in stock
as of September 7, 2023 5:15 pm


  • PETKIT CYBERTAIL Stainless Steel Replacement Bowls
  • Used for petkit and cybertail Fresh nano elevated cat Bowls.

1. Automatic Cat Feeders (Petkit Cat Feeder )

you’re a busy feline proprietor who intends to ensure that your family pet is consistently and timely fed, automated pet cat feeders are the optimal solution. These feeders have a electronic timer that can be set to dispense food at specific times of the day. Some designs consist of section control settings to avoid overfeeding your feline. In addition, you can tape-record your voice and also have it played throughout feeding time to get your feline’s interest.

2. Gravity Pet Cat Feeders (Petkit Cat Feeder )

you’re a cat owner that desires your family pet to have continual accessibility to food, consider using a Gravity cat feeder. These feeders function by gravity as well as re-fill the dish as your pet cat consumes. They can hold a large quantity of food, making them great for proprietors with numerous cats or hectic routines, and they’re likewise very easy to clean.

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3. Interactive Feline Feeders (Petkit Cat Feeder )

pet cat feeders are meant to add exhilaration to mealtime and engage your cat mentally. They can be found in various kinds like challenge feeders, deal with dispensers, as well as slow-feeders. They prevent your pet cat from obtaining bored while awaiting their food and also keep them entertained.

4. Ceramic Feline Feeders

Ceramic pet cat feeders are excellent for feline proprietors that prefer utilizing ceramic bowls over plastic ones as a result of health concerns. These feeders are made from top notch ceramic materials and also can be found in numerous sizes and also layouts. They are likewise dish washer risk-free and also can be quickly cleaned up.

5. Smart Feline Feeders (Petkit Cat Feeder )

those who are technically inclined cat proprietors, clever cat feeders are the ideal option as they integrate both automated and also interactive feeder features. They can be integrated with your mobile phone, which lets you tailor the feeding schedule, portion dimensions, as well as also lets you maintain a check on your pet cat’s consuming habits. Some models also have integrated cams, which enable you to from another location see your feline consume.

How to clean up a Petkit Cat Feeder

make sure your feline is getting clean as well as healthy and balanced food, consistently clean Petkit Cat Feeder . Just take apart the feeder, separate the items, and also wash them with cozy soapy water. After cleaning, ensure to wash every little thing well and allow it air dry prior to reconstructing the feeder. This will certainly help keep your cat’s recipes in good condition!


Selecting the most effective Petkit Cat Feeder for your pet cat can be frustrating, as there are a selection of alternatives offered in the market. Nonetheless, recognizing your cat’s feeding habits, lifestyle, and also choices can aid you narrow down your choices. you’re a active feline proprietor, automated feeders are ideal, while those with multiple felines might choose gravity feeders. Curious pet cats who need mental excitement during mealtimes would certainly benefit from interactive feeders, as well as health-conscious pet dog proprietors could like ceramic feeders. Tech-savvy proprietors who want full control over their feline’s feeding routines must check into wise feeders. We wish this info assists you choose the very best feeder for your cat.

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