Safe Bearded Dragon Enclosure Setup

Bearded dragons are fascinating animals for reptile fans. They are known to be exceptional pets as a result of their pleasant actions as well as hardiness. If you’re a bearded dragon owner, you know that giving your pet dog with a comfortable and also risk-free setting is important. A proper unit can assist regulate the temperature level as well as humidity levels, give them the area they require to walk around, and also prevent any prospective hazards. In this post, we’ll assist you via the building of the Safe Bearded Dragon Enclosure Setup bearded dragon enclosure.

Safe Bearded Dragon Enclosure Setup – Total Testimonial As Well As Purchasing Overview

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  • Quantity of 4 Pieces: you will get 4 pieces of reptile cages, ample quantities are enough for people who like to keep a variety of reptiles, and also sufficient to use and replacement, to create clean living environments for animals
  • Proper Size: the size of each reptile plastic box is approx. 12.6 x 8.7 x 5.9 inches/ 32 x 22 x 15 cm, with plenty of room for reptile movement, and it is lightweight and compact to carry and move
  • Quality Material: the reptile transport container is made of quality plastic material, which is safe and sturdy, and it is not easy to break even if it is bitten or scratched by reptile pets, and can be applied for a long time; Each box is equipped with a feeding bowl, which is convenient for pets to eat
  • Sophisticated design: this clear plastic terrarium container is designed with several small vents around it, which not only ensures that reptile pets cannot escape the box, but also maintains the air circulation in the box; The double opening design is convenient for raising pets or changing items in the box, and the transparent design allows you to see the activities of your pet, making it easy to take care of your pet
  • Suitable for Many Animals: the snake feeding box is great for spiders, scorpions, bearded dragons, centipedes, geckos, snakes, lizards and other small reptiles and amphibians, providing them with a clean and safe habitat


  • Made with ECOFLEX, a durable and long-lasting wood plastic composite
  • Vented side panels for optimal ventilation. This unit is not watertight and should not be used for animals that need to have standing water in their enclosures
  • Quick and easy assembly; No tools required
  • Easily painted using spray primer and paint
  • Removable sliding glass doors with lock to secure pets

Reptile Enclosure Bearded Dragon Tank 44 Gallon Reptile Tank Snake Enclosure Terrarium for Lizard Snake, 40*16*16 Reptile Terrarium Wide Breeding Lounge Vivarium Area with Sliding Doors Lock Black PVC

$269.99  in stock
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as of September 15, 2023 10:15 am


  • 【Reptile Enclosure】Large Reptile Habitat Tank: 40*16*16"in dimensions, 44 gallons equivalent, this reptile tank provides adequate space for reptiles to move, explore, hide, rest, and feel secure, large enough feeding enclosure area allowing you to create and decorate a comfort habitat environment for your reptile pet
  • 【Bearded Dragon Tank 】Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure: Non-reflective PVC panels provide the reptiles with privacy and security, reducing anxiety and minimizing stress when you approach them. Instead of the glass panels, PVC reptile terrarium is more lightweight and durable, easier to move, simpler for deconstruction, and greater to maintain heat and humidity
  • 【Reptile Terrarium 】Optimally Ventilated Reptile Cage: additional side vents provide good ventilation to the reptile home, the top mesh screen allows UV, heat lamp, and infrared light to penetrate into the reptile vivarium, and beneath/on of the bottom frame can be fit a heating mat for reptiles. Humidity and temperature controlling and sterilizing will be an easier work to deal with
  • 【Stackable Reptile Enclosure】Stackable and Easy Installed Reptile Tank: two front sliding doors make it easier to feed your pet and custom decor its home. With a secure lock to avoid your reptile escape from the herptile tank. Easy to install and disassemble, and it's stackable, an ideal option when you are housing multiple reptiles in the same room
  • 【44 Gallon Reptile Tank】Enclosure for Various Desert Reptiles: No watertight PVC reptile housing tank, not a rainforest-style enclosure, suitable for creating desert-like habitats for normal reptile pets, such as bearded dragon, blue-tongued skink, crested gecko, lizard, frog, snake, tortoise, and so o
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FULUE Bearded Dragon Tank Bed, Reptile Accessories Kit Decorations for Breaded Dragon Guinea Pig

$12.99  in stock
as of September 15, 2023 10:15 am


  • 【SIZE】 13.7 X 11 X 0.8 inches. Suit for bearded dragon guinea pig , Hedgehogs ,Lizard
  • 【Double-faced fleece】 Short plush + flannel, strong and not easy to fall off, feel very delicate and comfortable, your pet can sleep well.
  • 【Novel Design】 The unique vegetable shapes look delicious and attractive. A great place for your pet to play, sleep and rest.
  • 【Washable】 FULUE vegetable sleep mat can be hand washed and machine washable, once the pet bed gets dirty, you can put the whole bed in the washing machine. Therefore, your pet can consistently enjoy the comfortable bed and keep it tidy.

Tfwadmx Large Reptile Hides Lizard Resin Hollow Tree Trunk Hideout Bendable Vines Leaves Bearded Dragon Tank Accessories Gecko Habitat Decoration for Chameleon,Snake and Hermit Crabs

 in stock
as of September 15, 2023 10:15 am


  • 【Materials】: Our set include 3 products, 1 x lizard hideout cave, 1 x reptile flexible decor vine, 1 x Reptile leaves. Bearded dragon tank tree trunk decoration is made of high quality resin material,surface texture is natural beautiful and super durable. Perfectly in both terrestrial and aquatic environments and makes your pet feel like he's in his natural habitat.
  • 【Features】: Many holes in the tree trunk ornament, which are necessary for reptiles who like to climb. It's easy for reptiles to get in and out to sleep, rest, hide, play and breed. It can satisfies the need for burrowing animals to instinctively dig, find privacy and overhead coverage, help them in stress reduction, appetite stimulation and growth-promoting, provide more fun to your pet.
  • 【Multi purpose】: This hideout cave can be used for small reptiles and amphibians habitat decoration and provide natural hiding spots or habitat. It can also be used as an aquarium decoration,has a flat base,and is completely hollow,will sit stably on tank bottom,no floating over,delicate workmanship makes it look life-like and vivid. This tree trunk decoration can provide a great hiding spot for your fish and makes your fish tank unique.
  • 【Specification Size】: Hollow tree trunk size is approximately 10.6 x 5.1 x 3.1inches/27 x 13 x 8.0cm, reptile flexible decor vine is about 78.74inches/200cm, reptile leaves is about 78.74inches/200cm. Suitable for small bearded dragon, lizards, chameleons, tree frogs, geckos, tortoises, turtles,snakes and other reptiles, amphibians.
  • 【Bendable Reptile Vine】: Reptile flexible decor vine has a rough surface and it's easy for reptiles to climb on, comes with suction cups, easy to adjust and affix to the tank. The artificial leaves are PP laminated, not easy to discolor or fade. The bendable grape vine and the reptile leaves all have lifelike appearance, can blend well with other plants in the tank, help to create a natural environment for your pet.
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RunDuck Foldable Reptile Terrariums Kits Gecko Tank with Plant, Feeding Bowl, Carpet, Easy to Carry, Easy to Move with Wheels, Heat-Resistant Material, Suitable for Snake Tortoise Leopard Gecko

$49.99  in stock
as of September 15, 2023 10:15 am


  • 1. [Transparent and sturdy material] transparent panel, multiple angles to observe the pet's subtle activities, strong material, used longer
  • 2. [Convenient feeding] front door design, easy to feed, save time and effort, the lid can be opened significantly, and the love of pet interaction more intimate
  • 3. [Comfortable and breathable] double-sided vent design, natural ventilation, so that the interior is more comfortable and breathable, love pets more lively
  • 4. [With mobile wheels] the bottom of the pulley design, raise the height of the box to prevent scratching, easy to move
  • 5. [Heating lamp can be used] the top iron mesh design can be opened to facilitate the pet spray water to increase humidity, high temperature resistant materials, you can use the heating lamp equipment

Hamiledyi Large Reptile Hideout Wood Bridge Ladder Hiding Hut Bearded Dragon Hammock Lizards Habitat Decor Climbing Accessories Tortoise Hide Cave Toy for Gecko Snake Chameleon Gecko Iguana

$23.99  in stock
as of September 15, 2023 10:15 am


  • 【Reptile Habitat Accessories Set】Contains 1 x Wooden tunnel hut, 1 x Natural seaweed triangle hammock, 2 x Bendable Vine branch, 1 x Decorated large leaf, 9 x Suction cups, 3 x Hemp ropes. With these products, you can create a real habitat for your pets. The creative DIY design uses your smart ideas as a perfect addition to any terrarium. Plastic terrarium plant leaves lifelike natural-looking hanging vines are the perfect addition to any terrariums.
  • 【Natural Wooden Hideout】The big reptile hide is made of natural wood sticks and two flexible metal wires. Bendable tunnel hut is safe, sturdy and reusable. Safe chewing can satisfy the instinctive promotes chewing behaviors and can help keep teeth trimmed and healthy. It’s good for little active pets. Used as a hiding place, tunnel, bridge, ladder, or ramp.
  • 【Reptile Decor Hideout 】The dry wooden bridge ladder can be used as bridges, tunnels or ramps. Bendable properties to fit a variety of shapes and sizes to reach elevated areas give your pets the perfect opportunity to play and work out. Add a little more fun for your pets, enhance exploration and physical exercise reduce boredom.
  • 【Natural Seaweed Hand-woven Hammock】Large bearded dragon hammock is made of 100% natural fabric. All by hand woven, seagrass fiber material all pet reptiles will enjoy. Reptile lounger hammocks are equipped with large suction cups and hemp ropes to fix the reptile hammock to the tank. As a lounger, the dragons will enjoy using the lounger to rub on when they are shedding their skin.
  • 【Creative DIY Design】For animals who like to climb or perch up high, you can create a vantage point that all reptiles will enjoy. The higher places encourage them to do more exercise and keep them active. The lizard hammock will allow your pet to self-regulate their temperature by moving closer or farther from the basking light when you install it on an incline. giving your pet a better experience.
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Exactly how to Develop the Enclosure for Bearded Dragon

The very first step in constructing the Safe Bearded Dragon Enclosure Setup enclosure for your bearded dragon is selecting the right materials. You’ll want to make use of durable materials like neglected wood, PVC, or acrylic sheets that will not break down in time. The suitable size is around 75-120 gallons for adults as well as a minimum of 40-50 gallons for juveniles. You’ll likewise need to set up a warmth lamp as well as UV light to develop a basking location and nurture their vitamin D needs.

Secondly, you’ll need to install the substrate, which is the bedding or floor covering for the unit. Popular choices consist of reptile rug, tile, or synthetic grass. Whatever product you pick, ensure it is safe for bearded dragons and also simple to tidy to avoid any wellness issues.

Third, positioning decors in their enclosure will certainly give your animal a complacency as well as give them with a appropriate atmosphere. Including rocks, branches, and also other hiding areas can help them really feel much more comfy. Nonetheless, make sure that the designs are secure and also do not present any choking risks or risk of harming your animal.

Furthermore, regulating the temperature and humidity levels within the enclosure is essential. Bearded dragons call for temperature levels in between 90-110 degrees Fahrenheit as well as a decline to 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. You’ll require to install a thermometer as well as hygrometer to monitor the temperature level and also humidity. By controlling the temperature and humidity, you’ll ensure your pet dog’s health as well as prevent any kind of prospective breathing or gastrointestinal problems.

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Last but not least, preserving the room is crucial to maintaining your bearded dragon healthy and also pleased. You’ll require to clean the enclosure routinely as well as change the bed linens approximately twice a month as it can collect germs and discharge smells. Likewise, guarantee that you get rid of any uneaten food and also feces daily to prevent any illness.


Structure an exceptional bearded dragon enclosure can be a fulfilling experience in offering your pet with a comfortable and safe life. It’s essential to take into consideration materials, substrate, decors, temperature level, and also moisture levels routinely to guarantee your animal stays healthy. Keeping the unit is also crucial to protect your family pet from any kind of danger of damage. By complying with the ideas in this message, you’ll have a delighted, healthy, and well-adjusted bearded dragon. Providing your family pet the ideal atmosphere will certainly allow them to grow both physically and also mentally.

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