Heat Lamp Size For Bearded Dragon Enclosure

To supply the Heat Lamp Size For Bearded Dragon Enclosure residence for your bearded dragon, it is very important to understand the different sorts of rooms readily available. Whether you like a glass tank, a wood room, or a PVC cage, there’s an choice that matches your demands. However, choosing the appropriate room can be tough.
In this post, we will check out the Heat Lamp Size For Bearded Dragon Enclosure sorts of bearded dragon enclosures and also the aspects to take into consideration when choosing the perfect one. We will also go over exactly how to meet the particular needs as well as needs of your bearded dragon.

Heat Lamp Size For Bearded Dragon Enclosure – Total Evaluation As Well As Acquiring Overview

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  • High-Quality Reptile Night Heat Bulb - This 2pack of reptile heat lamp bulbs provides both heat and light to create a healthy environment for your reptile. With a voltage of AC 110-120V and power of 100W, it's easy to install in any standard E26 lamp base.
  • Natural Environment - The deep blue purple glass of this reptile night heat bulb emits bluish light that simulates natural moon light environment, perfect for providing light and heat at night without disturbing your reptile daily life. It also helps stimulate their behavior and provides a tropical desert nighttime temperature that your reptile needs.
  • No Disturbance - The blue light from this bearded dragon accessories heat bulb doesn't interfere with your animal's cycle, making it perfect for night viewing. The night lamp is great for providing a soft and warm atmosphere to help your pet relax and get comfortable.
  • Long-Lasting Performance - These bearded dragon accessories light bulbs have heavy-duty filaments that are built to last. You can use them for a long time without worrying about them burning out or breaking down.
  • Multi-Purpose - These UVB reptile light bulbs are ideal for use in tropical and desert habitats, and reptile heat bulb are suitable for a wide range of reptiles including chameleon, tortoises, lizards, bearded dragons, hermit crab, snakes, geckos, frogs, ball pythons, and more. These bearded dragon accessories provide the perfect balance of light and heat to create a healthy environment for your pet.


  • - Replacement Bulbs:Provides two E27 bulbs 25W&50W,which has UVA/B that simulate sunlight. The ceramic socket which can withstand constant high heat. Suitable for incandescent, fluorescent, UV bulbs, and ceramic heat emitters.
  • - Easy to Use:Just choose the right spot, and fix the clip firmly that the fixture is securely attached and aimed at your pet’s favorite basking spot.
  • - Multiple Custom Adjustment Modes:A good sized 40-inch power cord has a timing switch that allows you to simulate the natural sun and help to adjust the biological clock through brightness and temperature.
  • - Flexible Designed:Extramely flexible 11-inch goose-neck can be rotated in 360 degrees, and securely clipped onto a terrarium.
  • - Use Range:Suitable for most reptiles, birds, amphibians, and succulent plants.

Aiicioo Dual Reptile Light Fixture - Double Reptile Heat Lamp Fixture Max 160 Watt Terrarium UVB Reptile Light for Bearded Dragon Turtle Tank Vivarium Hermit Crab

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  • 160W Convenient Dual Reptile Light Fixture: This reptile light fixture is designed with integration of two heat lamps and can bear up to 160W, making it perfect for reptile terrariums, reptile ceramic heat lamps, UVA UVB reptile light bulbs and more.
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  • Excellent Heat Dissipation: Dual reptile light fixture equipped with top ventilation holes, our reptile light fixture allows for great heat dissipation and prevents overheating, providing you with a longer lifespan for your uvb reptile light bulb,bearded dragon light,heat lamp and so on.
  • Hanging Hook Design: This dual reptile light fixture is easy to hang with its two hanging hooks, perfect for attaching it to your heat lamp stand, reptile terrariums,snake enclosure,ball python tank,tortoise enclosure,reptile tank and more.
  • Easy Installation: Reptile dome light fixture with its simple design, this dual light fixture can be hung on the reptile lamp stand or placed directly on the surface of your reptile terrarium. A high temperature warning label is included to prevent accidental burns.
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REPTI HOME Reptile Light Fixture, 5.5 inch Optical Reflection Deep Dome Heat Lamp Fixture, UVB Heat Basking Lamp Fixture for Amphibian Reptile Terrariums

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  • 【Aluminum Alloy Reflection】:Our reptile light fixtures are designed with a deep dome aluminum alloy optical reflector, the interior of lampshade is made of metallic aluminum and has been polished, which improves the light reflection efficiency of the bulb and significantly increases the output of UVA and UVB.
  • 【Good Heat Dissipation】:The top vent of heat lamp kit has good heat dissipation effect, this design prevents excessive heat buildup and reduces the risk of reptile burns while providing your reptile pet with basking spot light.
  • 【Safe and Convenient】:Designed for E26 heat light and using ceramic lamp holder, can withstand up to 100W heat lamp, each lampshade comes with a 71-inch (180cm) power cord and individual power switch, ensure safe and easy use.
  • 【Widely Applicable】:REPTIHOME light fixtures are suitable for all kinds of heating lamps, including UVB lamps, ceramic lamps, infrared lamps, basking spot light, perfect for reptiles, amphibians and small animals such us geckos, lizards, bearded dragon, chameleons, snakes, iguanas, birds, frogs, toads, chicken coops.
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  • BEAR MAX 160W - The FOUDOUR Dual Deep Dome Reptile Light Fixture is a lighting fixture designed specifically for reptiles. The deep dome design ensures that the bulbs are securely housed and well-ventilated, preventing excessive heat buildup and reducing the risk of burns for your reptile. suit reptile ceramic heat lamp, UVB UVA basking spot lamp, UVB reptile light, daylight lamp, nightlight lamp, and infrared spot lamp.
  • HIGH REFLECTION & EXCELLENT HEAT DISSIPATION - 7" extra deep aluminum fine polished reflective dome efficiently reflects heat and increases brightness, increasing UVA and UVB output, The top reserves radiating and ventilating holes ensure good heat dissipation and extend the life of this reptile heat lamp fixture.
  • HEAT-RESISTANT CERAMIC LAMP HOLDER - Dual lamp cap integration design. Solid and heat-resistant ceramic lamp caps ensure long time use. each lamp can bear Max 160W, You can easily set comfortable light and temperature environment by equipping different lamps and switching on or off lamps for your pets.
  • EASY TO CARRY AND HANG - This reptile heat lamp fixture can be simply placed on the screen of a reptile terrarium and chameleon cage. The Stainless-steel hook on the top can be used together with any dome lamp brackets and hold steady. Two independent switch power lines for easy control separate lamp.
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST REPTILES - SIZE:11*5.5*9in, Wire length 5.9FT; 21-inch bundle cables to make your space easy to organize. FOUDOUR 7" extra-deep Dome Dual Lamp Fixture can be widely used to supply good light and temperature environment for most reptiles like bearded dragons, lizards, turtles, frogs, snakes, leopard geckos, ball pythons, etc.
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VOOSEI 100W Basking Light Bulb for Bearded Dragon, Heat Lamp for Reptiles, Lizard, Turtle, Tortoise Create a Natural Sunlight Environment for Your Reptile Pets 2 Pack(Only Used at 120V Voltage)

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  • DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR REPTILES: Voosei heat basking light for reptiles are perfect for a variety of reptiles and amphibians, including bearded dragons, lizards, turtles, snakes, and more.
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  • KEEP REPTILE PETS COMFORTABLE: Voosei reptile lights can simulate sunlight, not only providing light, but also keeping your reptile tank at a comfortable temperature. Helps your pets digest food and enhances vitality.
  • WORRY-FREE USE: The installation is very simple, just screw in your E26/27 bulb screw base, and the entire installation process only takes 10 seconds. But it can provide your reptile pet with 1000 hours of long-lasting warmth and comfort.
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Aiicioo Reptile Light Fixture - Deep Light Dome Tortoise Leopard Gecko Light Fixture Snake Bearded Dragon UVB Heat Basking Lamp Deep Dome 8.5Inch

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  • Great aluminum and heat resistance: optical reflector cover is made of good aluminum alloy material that can increase the output of UVA and UVB and endure high temperatures. Radiation and ventilating holes on the top ensure good heat dissipation effect.
  • Long life expand: 8.5 inch reptile light fixture is under eligibility. The parts are securely mounted, long time of usage can be promised without violently press and bump
  • Universality: shadow dome reptile light 5.5 are suitable for UVB reptile light, basking bulbs, reptile heat lamp and ceramic heat emitter. Maximum working power is 200Watt.
  • Easy to set up: reptile lamp fixture is shipped with 1.8M cable and switch in line. With lamp stand it is easy to hang the hanging hook . Ceramic socket can combine multiple lights with specific bulbs to create ideal lighting system
  • Safety instructions: Don’t touch the turning fixture because the surface cover is at high temperatures. Replace the bulb after it has cooled down
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1. Think about the Dimension

When developing an unit for your bearded dragon, dimension matters. It depends on the dimension as well as type of your dragon. The room needs to be large enough to fit growth and give adequate workout room. A general guideline is that the enclosure should be at the very least two times the size of your bearded dragon. Remember, bigger is much better as it advertises convenience and minimizes stress.

2. Illumination as well as Temperature Level

Bearded dragons need specific illumination as well as temperature level conditions to flourish. These problems differ based on the season as well as time of day. It’s essential to give a basking area with temperatures ranging from 95-110 levels Fahrenheit. The various other end of the unit ought to be cooler, with temperature levels varying from 70-85 levels Fahrenheit. Make certain that your bearded dragon can bask under a UVB light for 10-14 hrs daily.

3. Pick the Right Substratum

Selecting the ideal substratum is critical for your bearded dragon’s unit. It should be risk-free, very easy to tidy, and also devoid of germs. Reptile rugs, paper towels, as well as ceramic floor tiles are excellent choices. Stay clear of sand or loose substratums as they can lead to impaction, a possibly fatal condition where the dragon consumes indigestible bits creating blockage in the intestinal tracts.

4. Give Hides as well as Climbing Up Branches

Bearded dragons appreciate climbing up and having hideouts to pull back to when threatened. Adding climbing up branches or logs can give them with exercise opportunities. Make certain there is a basking area on or near the rocks. Family pet stores offer different sizes and shapes of hideouts ideal for bearded dragons.

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5. Water as well as Food Cuisines

Bearded dragons require secure water and food recipes that are very easy to clean as well as will not topple. Ceramic dishes function well for water, while food recipes ought to be superficial. Guarantee your dragon has accessibility to fresh water, in addition to a balanced diet regimen of fresh veggies and also pests.

Where to get a Bearded Dragon Enclosure?

When purchasing a bearded dragon enclosure, it’s important to select a trusted source. Check evaluations as well as research study the company to make sure a top notch as well as secure acquisition. Local pet supply stores are a good alternative, as they typically use quality items and knowledgeable team who can direct you in choosing the ideal unit. Customer testimonials can likewise offer valuable understandings into the high quality and also worth of the products.


Producing an unit for your bearded dragon requires planning as well as patience. By thinking about the dimension, lighting, substrate, hides, and also meals, you can provide a comfy and also healthy residence for your beloved animal. Remember, a properly designed room promotes the wellness and joy of your bearded dragon.