Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure

If you want to create the best house for your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure , you require to be knowledgeable about the various sorts of enclosures offered. Whether you’re searching for a glass storage tank, a wooden enclosure, or a PVC cage, there’s an option that will certainly fit your demands. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to pick the ideal kind of unit for your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure .
In this article, we’ll explore the best kinds of Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure enclosures and what you need to think about when picking the best one. We’ll additionally review just how to create an enclosure that meets the particular needs as well as requirements of your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure .

Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure – Total Review And Also Acquiring Guide

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  • New Upgrate Tempered Glass:Tempered glass has characteristics of impact resistance, non friability, and high temperature resistance, making it safe to use.
  • Easy to Install &Flat Packing:Easy to install or disassemble in 5 minutes with step by step instructions; Our glass terrariums are carefully packaged with heavy box of tough cardboard and thickened reinforced foam for transportation.
  • Front Sliding Door: It can open separately, easy to feed your pet and clean, and the lock prevent escape.
  • Side Ventilation & Wire Organization:Small Side panel ventilation only for better balance of moisture and ventilation. Prepared 6 inlets on top and right for wires and tubing,an extra cable pass allows 4 wires more to pass through.
  • 100% Quality Guarantee: we provide 12 months quality guarantee,if you have any question about our product,please contact us,we will reply and help you in 24 hours

kathson Cat Tent Outdoor Pop-Up Pet Enclosure Tent Portable Small Animal Playpen Foldable Bearded Dragon Playpen for Kitten Puppy Guinea Pig Rabbits Hamster Lizards and Other Small Animals

$17.99  in stock
as of September 13, 2023 6:15 am


  • 【Lightweight and Portable】: The flexible steel wire allows the kitten playpen to fold easily, and with a folded size of only 15 x 12 inches, it doesn't take up much space and is lightweight, making it ideal for carrying outdoors, traveling, and camping. Warm Reminder: If the weather is windy on the camping day, don't forget to bring tent stakes.
  • 【No Installation】: This is a pop-up pet tent that does not need to be installed and can be opened in a second. Be careful when opening it to avoid injuries caused by the puppy playpen suddenly popping open. At the same time, as long as you master the storage skills, it only takes two or three seconds to easily fold, very convenient.
  • 【Transparent Design】: This portable pet playpen is surrounded by mesh, not only ventilated and breathable, but also can always observe the condition of the pet, and these small animals in also can clearly see the outside world. To give your pet a better experience, you can bring them a blanket when you go out to play.
  • 【Product Size】: The outdoor cat tent is 46.5 x 23.6 x 17.7 inches when opened, spacious interior gives your pet more fun in life. Recommended for cats, small and medium-sized dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, gerbils, ferrets, bearded dragons and other small and medium-sized animals. Please check the size carefully before purchase.
  • 【Multi-purpose】: Cats exercise tent are made of high quality steel wire and polyester fabric. It protects pets from mosquitoes and other pests in the summer and provides outdoor sunshine time in the winter, allowing pets to avoid running outside while resting and napping on balconies, decks, porches and yards.
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PVC Reptile Enclosure 120 Gallon Large Terrarium 48'' x 24'' x Habitat Tank for Bearded Dragon Gecko Lizard Snake, Wide Breeding Lounge Vivarium Area with Sliding Doors Lock Crawling Pet-Black

$359.49  in stock
as of September 13, 2023 6:15 am


  • Large Reptile Habitat Tank: 48*24*24"in dimensions, 120 gallons equivalent, this reptile tank provides adequate space for reptiles to move, explore, hide, rest, and feel secure, large enough feeding enclosure area allowing you to create and decorate a comfort habitat environment for your reptile pet
  • Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure: Non-reflective PVC panels provide the reptiles with privacy and security, reducing anxiety and minimizing stress when you approach them. Instead of the glass panels, PVC reptile terrarium is more lightweight and durable, easier to move, simpler for deconstruction, and greater to maintain heat and humidity
  • Optimally Ventilated Reptile Cage: additional side vents provide good ventilation to the reptile home, the top mesh screen allows UV, heat lamp, and infrared light to penetrate into the reptile vivarium, and beneath/on of the bottom frame can be fit a heating mat for reptiles. Humidity and temperature controlling and sterilizing will be an easier work to deal with
  • Stackable and Easy Installed Reptile Tank: two front sliding doors make it easier to feed your pet and custom decor its home. With a secure lock to avoid your reptile escape from the herptile tank. Easy to install and disassemble, and it's stackable, an ideal option when you are housing multiple reptiles in the same room
  • Enclosure for Various Desert Reptiles: No watertight PVC reptile housing tank, not a rainforest-style enclosure, suitable for creating desert-like habitats for normal reptile pets, such as bearded dragon, blue-tongued skink, crested gecko, lizard, frog, snake, tortoise, and so on
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ECOFLEX 48 inch Mojave Large Reptile Habitat Lounge in Grey

$282.02  in stock
6 new from $280.23
Free shipping
as of September 13, 2023 6:15 am


  • Made with ECOFLEX, a durable and long-lasting wood plastic composite
  • Vented side panels for optimal ventilation. This unit is not watertight and should not be used for animals that need to have standing water in their enclosures
  • Quick and easy assembly; No tools required
  • Can be painted using readily available spray primer & paint
  • Removable sliding glass doors with lock to secure pets

FULUE Bearded Dragon Tank Bed, Reptile Accessories Kit Decorations for Breaded Dragon Guinea Pig

$11.99  in stock
as of September 13, 2023 6:15 am


  • 【SIZE】 13.7 X 11 X 0.8 inches. Suit for bearded dragon guinea pig , Hedgehogs ,Lizard
  • 【Double-faced fleece】 Short plush + flannel, strong and not easy to fall off, feel very delicate and comfortable, your pet can sleep well.
  • 【Novel Design】 The unique vegetable shapes look delicious and attractive. A great place for your pet to play, sleep and rest.
  • 【Washable】 FULUE vegetable sleep mat can be hand washed and machine washable, once the pet bed gets dirty, you can put the whole bed in the washing machine. Therefore, your pet can consistently enjoy the comfortable bed and keep it tidy.

Bearded Dragon Leash & Leopard Pattern Carrier, Lizard Adjustable Harness with Leather Wings and Sling Bag, with Beardie's Leopard Pattern Coat, Reptile Small Pet Batwing Accessories for Outdoor

 in stock
as of September 13, 2023 6:15 am


  • [BEARDED DRAGON CARRIER]: The Carrier with Adjustable Shoulder Strap is made of coral fleece, Comfortable, Soft and breathable, Allowing you to travel with your pet without worrying about them falling off your shoulder, Safe and comfortable; Bearded Dragon is a variable temperature animal, No only indoors, But also it's outdoor or outdoor is helpful for maintaining the core temperature of Bearded Dragon. At the same time, it is also a fashionable decoration.
  • [BEARDED DRAGON LEASH]: The Adjustable Leash is made of high quality soft leather and durable nylon rope, Soft, Durable, Lightweight and will not cause any wear and tear on your pet's skin. Three different sizes can accommodate small animals of different growth stages.
  • [BEARDED DRAGON COAT]: As a gift! Made of leopard pattern coral fleece, Comfortable, Soft and breathable. Helpful for maintaining the core temperature of Bearded Dragon. At the same time, It is also a fashionable decoration.
  • [MORE ANIMALS FIT]: For reptilian bearded dragons, geckos, crested geckos, lizards, chameleons and other small pets. Please note: As different animals have different personalities, some may hate being tied up, And please check the image for size information!
  • [CONTAINS]: Leopard Pattern Coat (GIFT) + Leopard Pattern Carrier + Leash with Black Wings.
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Irenare 4 Pcs Portable Reptile Terrarium Plastic Reptile Feeding Box Clear Tarantula Enclosure Snake Cage Breeding Box Hatching Container for Bearded Dragon Lizard Spider Gecko, 12.6 x 8.7 x 5.9 Inch

 in stock
as of September 13, 2023 6:15 am


  • Quantity of 4 Pieces: you will get 4 pieces of reptile cages, ample quantities are enough for people who like to keep a variety of reptiles, and also sufficient to use and replacement, to create clean living environments for animals
  • Proper Size: the size of each reptile plastic box is approx. 12.6 x 8.7 x 5.9 inches/ 32 x 22 x 15 cm, with plenty of room for reptile movement, and it is lightweight and compact to carry and move
  • Quality Material: the reptile transport container is made of quality plastic material, which is safe and sturdy, and it is not easy to break even if it is bitten or scratched by reptile pets, and can be applied for a long time; Each box is equipped with a feeding bowl, which is convenient for pets to eat
  • Sophisticated design: this clear plastic terrarium container is designed with several small vents around it, which not only ensures that reptile pets cannot escape the box, but also maintains the air circulation in the box; The double opening design is convenient for raising pets or changing items in the box, and the transparent design allows you to see the activities of your pet, making it easy to take care of your pet
  • Suitable for Many Animals: the snake feeding box is great for spiders, scorpions, bearded dragons, centipedes, geckos, snakes, lizards and other small reptiles and amphibians, providing them with a clean and safe habitat
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1. The Right Dimension

The first thing you need to consider when producing an room for your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure is the size. The size of the unit will certainly rely on the size as well as type of your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure . The enclosure must be long enough to accommodate your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure ‘s development and also to give adequate room for exercise.
A general guideline is that the unit must go to least two times the size of your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure . Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure s require a great deal of space to prosper, so it’s constantly better to go larger than smaller. This will certainly aid your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure feel a lot more comfy and also much less stressed.

2. Light and also Temperature Level

Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure s call for specific lights as well as temperature problems to remain healthy. These conditions vary depending upon the season and also time of day.
You’ll need a basking spot at one end of the unit, with the temperature varying from 95-110 degrees Fahrenheit. The various other end of the room ought to be cooler, with the temperature level varying from 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure can bask under a UVB light for 10-14 hrs per day.

3. Substratum

An additional important facet of creating an enclosure for your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure is the substrate. Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure s require a substrate that’s risk-free for them, does not harbor bacteria and is easy to tidy. Reptile carpets, paper towels, and also ceramic tiles are all terrific options.
Stay clear of utilizing sand or loose substrates, which can trigger impaction. Impaction is a problem where your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure consumes particles that can’t be absorbed, causing a obstructed intestine that can end up being deadly.

4. Hides as well as Climbing Up Branches

Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure s like to climb up as well as take pleasure in having hideouts to enter and out of when they feel threatened. Adding climbing up branches or logs may help them get enough workout.
Make sure to have a basking spot on the rock spot or closer to it. Likewise, the best hideouts for Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure s can be found in a range of shapes and sizes and also can usually be discovered at your neighborhood pet store.

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5. Water and also Food Cuisines

Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure s require water as well as food recipes that won’t tip over or end up being quickly infected. Ceramic dishes are a terrific option for water, while food dishes should be shallow and very easy to clean. Make certain your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure always has accessibility to fresh water and fresh veggies and also pests to consume.

Where to purchase the Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure unit?

When it pertains to finding the very best place to buy a Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure enclosure, it is very important to source reputable websites. Examining testimonials and doing some study on the firm you are buying from can aid make certain that your purchase will be of top quality and free from any type of potential risks. It is likewise necessary to make certain that whatever room you pick meets the requirements laid out by your local pet well-being laws.
When looking into the best area to purchase a Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure room, think about considering pet dog supply shops in your area. These stores frequently give quality products and also have educated team available who can assist you pick an proper dimension as well as type of room for your beloved reptile. Additionally, it is very important to look for any customer testimonials associated with the shop or particular items they provide, as these can provide you a much better concept of the high quality as well as value of what you are acquiring.


Creating an room for your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure takes preparation as well as perseverance, but by complying with these pointers, you can make certain that your Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure has a comfy and healthy house. Keep in mind to take into consideration the size of your enclosure, temperature and also illumination, substrate, hides and also climbing up branches, and water as well as food recipes. By placing these points into practice, you’ll develop the ideal Bearded Dragon Custom Enclosure room, keeping your family pet healthy and happy.